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Thread: GoFund - handicap hiking wheelchair

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    Thumbs up GoFund - handicap hiking wheelchair

    My uncle and fellow motorcycle rider. Here's his trike I helped him put together

    Anyway, he wants to be able to go hiking with his significant other and has finally figured out how to do so. They make a Segway that is meant for off road as shown here.

    That cost $8,000 but then you add another $1,500 to outfit it like the one in the next video.

    This man is somebody who has never let his handicap get in his way. He can drive a stick shift car by thrusting his hips to shift. He can ride an ATV, snowmobile, and clearly he rides a motorcycle with an electric shifter. He scuba dives, he does everything. He's the reason why I don't listen to folks that do the "poor me, I can't achieve"; because he achieves.

    So his wonderful girlfriend started a GoFund to help him raise money for a Segway. I want to help because he's a quality human being and I know it would mean a great deal to both of them.

    If you have a spare couple dollars between your couch cushions, please help. If you just want to help, please do. Help to pay it forward, please try it here. If you can't give money, maybe you can spread the word, that may help.

    Here's his GoFund


    Thank you for looking.
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    No offense to your uncle because this is legit but I am so sick of all the GoFundme posts on face book and other sites. People asking for money for stupid shit simply because they WANT it.what ever happened to people working for what they want.

    Then here is someone who has a legit disability and the GoFundme name puts a sour taste in my mouth. The stupid people fuck it up for every one.

    Sorry. End rant.

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