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Thread: What sound system do you have?

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    My sound system is a Blockhead Evo with Loud pipes save lives. It plays over and over and ........ over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by owl View Post
    Custom fit ear buds plugged in to my H K sound system (satellite added). I don't have to listen to all the outside noise, just the tunes I want to hear (no road noise, exhaust rumble, wind noise or voices). I don't bother others with shitty music played to loud.

    My two cents worth

    I have had deer come out and turn around and head back to the woods and fields, because they can here the music long before the bike. Pipes may save lives but you can't hear them out 50 yards in front of the bike. I guess it's ok that a bike is loud and obnoxious if it's loud pipes, ether way it's all music to my ears.

    Thx for your input although.
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