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Thread: Winter weather

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    Default Winter weather

    Hey guys and gals
    My wife and I thought we would get away from the cold and snowy weather for a few weeks. We spent the last eight weeks in Arizona and the weather was quite nice. Well everything must end sometime and our sometime got here yesterday. We left the desert about 9:00 am Thursday after an all-night rain and early morning snow fall (1/2 inch). Across Arizona and New Mexico into Texas (were going to San Antonio). Stopped for the night in Van Horn, TX. The temps are in the low 20s and the fog is dense. Now for the best part, the highway is now closed due to ice and snow. So here we sit in a small motel, in a town of 2064 people and nowhere to go and nothing to do. Perhaps tomorrow we will continue our journey.

    Happy New Year to all

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    Yep just got off the phone with a friend in Austin he said it was 30* there. Look for a place called Pico de Gallo 111 South Leona Street, San Antonio, TX great food. If you get a chance check out some of the old missions outside of town. I lived in SA for a while.

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    Yeah I have a couple cousins in AZ and they were posting videos and pics of the snow on FB. Crazy isn't it!

    Make the best of it and live life... find the humor in it. I can.
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