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Thread: A small gathering of players and....

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    Cool A small gathering of players and....


    Not sure about that... but an impromptu TWM gathering at least.

    So "Burnout Dave" made arrangements to give "MoeRidesNoMo" 's bike a spin post his new exhaust and tuner install. I invited Dave to crash over my place and I'd join him. Then UltraAl asked me if I'd move his bike from his house to his shop because of a hernia he's out for a few weeks and Lord knows what the weather will do by then. Then Kosher decided to ride his bike down here to watch all of this go on... he was just using us as an excuse.

    Anyway, I move Al's bike with no problems. Then the group of 5 grabbed some Round House BBQ and went back to Moe's to check out his bike. While looking at his sweet lift, a couple of us noticed the rear wheel was shinny; maybe from lack of use, or over polishing because that's what you do when you don't ride... right?.

    Anyway, so Burnout Dave gets on the scoot and backs it down the driveway, turns to take off and nearly dumps Moe's bike. HOLY SHIT that PUCKERED up the BUTTHOLE!! We all start shouting and laughing... then Dave leaves otherwise un-eventful.

    You can see the rubber mark behind Moe's bike.

    I took the now second bike I'm going to ride that doesn't belong to me. I go out and give the the new pipes a shout for Moe & Dave (being dave hasn't heard his own bike and it's the same setup).

    It was a super nice day outside (nearly 50*) and I got to put on some miles even if it was only like 4 or 5.
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    Yeah....that was a great day! and I have been to Moe's crib numerous times on my own bike....and took off as I would usually dumping the clutch or hammering the throttle...and that back tire spun out like it was on ice!! that's why we kept asking Moe if he shined his tire

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    Great day gentleman! Gave me a chance to get outta the house and hang with you boys. And Dave provided the laughs throughout, no matter how much it hurt me to laugh!

    thanks guys.
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    Wish I was there but it was great to see you guys later that night

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    Hey man.....I think Dave was just showing off his Mad Skilzz on how to almost dump a bike so he could see this old Daigo cry like a biatchh. LOL
    Nice recover Bagger. I'm thinking if it weren't for your dirt bike experience, you may have gone down. It was a fun day though and LOVE the sound of the CFRs......we woke up the dead in this condo complex thanks to that full of GAS guy. Thanks for your help with moving the lift and bikes fellazz. ROUNDHOUSE!!!!!

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