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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudpuppy View Post
    Yes that is a bad idea, period. But three things you need to do religiously with your bike:

    1. Tire pressure, check early and check often
    2. Oil - use the best, change less often
    3. Chain - clean, lube, check slack / adjust every 500 miles - if you don't have a chain then buy a new bike or something

    1. Check, do it before every ride.
    2. Check, Am soil... yup! Your review of it made me change from Meijers brand to Am soil.
    3. Why do I need to be cleaned and lubed... Ass hole!!!! Besides, Why am I listening to you, you don't ride!

    Don't think I need a disclaimer, but the above was all in good fun, feel free to fire back! I have broad shoulders.

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    lol - no need to fire back, I respectfully decline because that was funny as shit. I have no return fire on that one.
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