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Thread: TWC - June 22nd, 2014 - WSL/Zukey Lake Tavern

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    Glad you had a nice ride. I really wanted to go, but I rode Saturday so there was shit to do Sunday. Maybe next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by meinschaft View Post
    Kudos to Chris for arranging and leading yesterday's ride. The route was excellent and Chris set a good pace - not too hot, not too cold. The midway stop at Mr. B's General Store was a good place to stretch the legs and get something wet, and to catch up with the Redline group.

    Major thanks to Chris for all your efforts of planning/mapping/leading the ride. I know it's not the Dragon or Hocking Hills, but we are lucky to have some fine riding and lovely scenery only an hour from where a lot of us live. Nice seeing/meeting everyone again, too.

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    I tell ya, setting them up, going over it all, and leading it is tougher than most think. Figuring out a nice pace is a tough call. Meinshaft did miss our pre-trip safety meeting. What can I say, it's in my job and in my life.

    Quote Originally Posted by meinschaft View Post
    It was. Chris rode like a bat outa hell.
    Nah... that was pretty calm... remember I'm an ex-sportbiker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedneckMedic View Post
    Phil where did you take off to man?
    Medic- check your PM inbox.
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    <sigh> I'm travelling to Atlanta on Business.
    Roll away the dew...

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