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I'm waiting for chris to chime in since he had his harley summer jacket on when he went deer hunting. Apparently his other safety gear was a fobus paddle holster haha.
I wear my leather in the cold, I have a "armor" rain approved HD sweat shirt hoodie in the fall/spring, and my all mesh HD jacket in the summer.

The mesh is more comfortable and cooler than a t-shirt. Plus your skin doesn't get t-shirt flapping whipped. No sun burn. Then add in the cool packs and I'm styling.

On the bottom, I was wearing jeans, when I went "deer hunting". They did well honestly. Then I fully endorse an over the ankle boot of some measure. Cowboy or work boots will do just fine.

And yes... my Fobus saved my hip.

And for those that don't know.... I killed a deer last summer with my HD at 60mph... went down HARD!