That is brainwashing though Lance. Not saying it in a bad way or derogatory, etc. but just making a point - the media brainwashes us (and the powers that be) that the only change is a bloody revolution like in 1776. It does NOT have to be that way. We could make a change without a single bullet being fired. If you watch the 3rd zeitgeist movie it gives you a bit of an idea - everyone goes to the bank and dumps all their cash in front of it like a big fuck you. We just refuse to follow your system anymore. Bankers, politicians, corporations, etc. would be powerless if we just unsubscribed to their bullshit of consumerism where you piss on natural resource management and just use up the finite natural resources as fast as you can in this disposable society to keep up with the Jones, etc. There are a lot of ways to make a serious change little by little. Visit Jacque Fresco is already doing it. Worldwide Community Grid is already doing it. We are moving forward with the change regardless of what else is going on in the world. The foundation is being laid now. At this rate we are either 200 years away from it being solidified or 1 catastrophic event to wake people up. Hopefully not the later. But change is brewing - look at the revolutions in Egypt, Ukraine, Venezuela, Iceland, etc. All the collective conscience saying enough is enough it is time to force a change.