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Thread: 2 inches of snow cripples Atlanta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thruxtonbill View Post
    I want out so bad, what's stopping me? Got a business I can't sell.. 2 grown children at home+granddaughter..90 year old mother in Northville(older bro and sis put that on me). I just know I'm gong to die here, prolly have a heart attack walking out to get all the bills that come in the mail, find me frozen stiff. I'd rather ride my bike off a cliff.
    Me too. My folks are still on part of our old farm. 10 acres, about 7 of lawn and a real big garden and 3 of woods. They are in their early 70's. My mother in law is in a wheel chair and we are over there a lot. Both my wife's and my families have been in this area since we drove the Indians out. Our last names are roads around here. Lots of family and now the kids are gettin close to that age that we will be grandparents. We're stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedneckMedic View Post
    Haha. And I'm moving up north in 6 months
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