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Thread: 2006 R1 v 2012 R1

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedneckMedic View Post
    The buggys are fun but the side by sides fit down the 2 trackers better than a buggy or rail can.
    not really but it depends on what SxS people get. VW based rails/buggies are only wider by 1-2 inches wider, over sized tires are another subject lol.

    MUD, it's a personal choice about what works better for you, test drive every brand and use the shit out of it. the kids will love it, even the big kid driving it lol. SxS's are cool as hell but i love rails/buggies and they work better for me. my wife wants a 4 seater street legal sand rail so thats next on my list lol.

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    Rails/buggies have soul - I do agree. And I agree - test it driving it like you stole it. IDK - but I really fell in love with that Can-Am SxS. I do love buggies though. I am getting some kind of buggy or side by side this year god damnit. Way too much fun to be having.
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