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Thread: Spring, 2014

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    Default Spring, 2014

    Going to look at, maybe ride today. Getting ready for next Spring. Oh, yeah, 414 lbs. wet, lighter than an R6.

    Candied version:

    With some guy named Rossi:
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    Nice. Get it.
    ^^My $0.02 not yours^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gas Man View Post
    Nice. Get it.
    That's the general idea.

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    You keeping the Fizzy Phil?

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    Going to sell it to pay for the new toy. I LOVE that bike, will hate to see it go. Know anyone who's interested? It's pristine.

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    Well I know it's pristine, have you posted on the FZ1OA yet?

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    BTW, I really want a strippleR but this may be a game changer for me, the price is right but I'm going to have to ride one fo sho.

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    Haven't posted the Fizzy yet, may wait until Spring. Most of the FZ-09 reviews talk about the torque, call it a wheelie machine. StrippleR is $2K> than the FZ-09.

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    Real nice bike. Let us know how you like it. Why getting rid of the fz1 though?

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    Medic - I had to think about how to answer your question. It comes down to this: I don't know how much longer I'll be riding. Every Spring is a treat when I can throw a leg over the seat, head out to blast around on my favorite backroad twisties and make it home without having fallen down. If you're familiar with the FZ1, you know it's a fantastic all-around bike. After some recent work, my new trick is getting the front wheel in the air when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. That said, for me, bikes are like another aspect of my life and after a while I just want new/strange. I thought the FZ1 would be my last bike but I want to try the new FZ-09. Maybe it will be my last, who knows? So many bikes, so little time.

    Now if I could afford a new Norton Commando 961.......
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