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Thread: Funny Poster/Pic Thread once again...

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    Actually I prefer a ... I can't even post the rest... But you're it...

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    Thumbs up

    Not to worry Monica...... your new bike makes your ass look fast !
    Some days your the windshield, some days your the bug.

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    Not worried, more envious. Never wanted to be huge like that, but man, to be 20 years younger again.....
    A bike on the road is worth two in the garage.

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    20 years younger would make me a child... But I'd do it all over again.

    Mike, you made me crack up with that supermoto poster. My best buddy and I are going to the gap memorial day weekend. He has a gixxer 1000, we always battle... He is insanely fast in the twisties, but I always poke fun when my 36HP bike hangs right on his tail light.

    Monica, don't fight the power of boobs. They are my weakness. But... I have always said, a mouthfull is plenty. Look at my soon to be wife... (Disclaimer: I have to compliment her when making public statements about my love for boobies or she calls me a boob)

    Bill... gotta love the knuckle... yummy!
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    Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Sh*t... WHAT A RIDE!"

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