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    Default 1962 Lambretta 125 cc series 3 model

    Went over my Dads house wed. before work and opened his garage door. As the door was going up, I could NOT believe what he had sitting there where his truck usually is. HIS 1953 Lambretta 125 scooter he used to ride as a teen age kid back in Italy! I have seen old pictures of him on it but never did I expect to see it in front of me. I cannot express enough how happy he is to have it here after all this time. A friend of his put it on a ship container that had a little room to spare and here it is. So now we need to put her together and see what happens.......everything worked fine before it was shipped over. Only major thing I can see is the seat needs to be completely redone so I will be getting a hold of seatmaker next week. My dad is 71 years old and my mother is buying him a helmet for Christmas!....Lol ... I'm so happy for him!
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