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Thread: Electric Motorcycle Dominates Pikes Peak

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    Default Electric Motorcycle Dominates Pikes Peak

    Lightning’s Electric Motorcycle Dominates Pikes Peak

    Carlin Dunne riding the Lightning up Pikes Peak | Photo: Jensen Beeler/Asphalt & Rubber

    Lightning Motorcycles and racer Carlin Dunne dominated at this weekend’s Pikes Peak hill climb. The team beat out the entirety of the two-wheeled field, marking the first time an electric vehicle has won over its gas-powered counterparts at Pikes Peak.
    Dunne managed to hustle the 500-pound, 200+ horsepower electrified motorcycle up the 12.42-mile, 156-turn mountain in 10:00.694 — that’s within spitting distance of the overall course record a few years back.
    But they didn’t just win the electric category, they decimated the closest gas-powered bike — a Ducati Multistrada 1200 S ridden by Bruno Langlois — who managed a time of 10:21.323.

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    It's all in the instant torque the electric motor provides.
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    saw a volt the other day in the parking lot and it is weird when they take off you hear very little to nothing. seems odd.
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