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    Called Channel 2 News 4 times today before I had someone willing to talk to me. Wanted to know where they came up with their facts that most up and down state residents approve of the NY Safe Act as reported on the news this morning.
    Also asked why they went with the 5K attendance number when everyone else reported 10-12,000 In Albany yesterday. I was told the reporter they had there estimated it even lower at 3-5 thousand.
    To say the conversation went well would be misleading. My call was met with hostility from the begining. When I suggested a peacefull assembly at their place of business I was threatened with police action.
    Any way if you disagree with the reporting by Channel 2 News I invite you to call them and let them know how you feel. The Number is 716-849-2200
    Or email then at:
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    Good job Don. You're a stand up guy with good morals.
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    we live in a military state with no actual rights
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