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Thread: Drink + ride?

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    I got into a rolling fist fight once because one of my friends was going to ride my bike back to my place while someone carted me home in a car. I'm rather touchy about people touching my bike you could say. As a consequence I don't drink much more than 1-2 beers, anymore if I'm on the bike, so that way I can get my own ass home.
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    Is this poll for real? I would never drink and ride or ride with you if you drink, if you do you're dead to me.

    Having said that I ride better when I'm high.

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    Have to agree with you Bill minus the high part.........could not stand the thought of my wife and kids having to deal with me getting hurt or checking out because " my husband or my dad" was drinking and riding.

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    Well gents I know plenty of guys that do a bunch of bar hopping and trust me it's plenty more drinks than I listed in the poll. It is part of this riding culture, so much so that there is a label like "This is a great bar hopper bike". So the poll is for real and much to my pleasure, there is nobody voting on the bottom side of the poll.
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    I've only had alcohol a few times in my entire adult life

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