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  • WHAT?! I can't hear you, I have loud pipes!

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  • Stock pipes

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  • I wish my stock pipes were quieter like an electric car.

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Thread: Loud pipes or NO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alhall88 View Post
    This is where I stayed and will definitely go back. You guys can keep your brokeback mountain cabins.
    lol.. chris does have a purdy mouf..
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    That's way to nice for biker trash.

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    I went on one H.O.G ride with the Port Huron chapter. We got split into two groups, old slow dudes in one pack faster riders up front. we went through a small town and i got caught at a light, leaving me at the front of the slow group. when the light changed I pinned the throttle and stayed at wot till I caught the other group. At the next stop this old dude comes up to talk with me. I'm thinking he is going to tell me how nice the fatboy is. I was wrong , old geezer was giving me hell for my bike being too loud and I ride to fast. I told him, "I was told to buy a harley and make it loud!" At the time it had d&d slip ons and was very loud, I now have Samson caliber s700 stepped pipes and with no baffles my bike makes more noise than when Godzilla attacks Tokyo.

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