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Thread: Bike won't start

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    Sounds like it's a dirty filter... good luck with that. Let us know if you need help with any of it.
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    I decided to fix this myself. If it takes me 4 months so be it. LMAO I got the tank drained and pulled off. Pulled the petcock and the filter is clean as new. HOWEVER, I for sure need a new petcock because mine leaks. It never cuts off. I'm also ordering a Dyojet kit for the carb and when that gets here I'm going to clean the carb and do that. The previous owner said he did a jet kit but I think it was done wrong or using the wrong kit. I figure I'll do it and know it got done right. I talked to Dynojet today and they told me what setting it should be on. So, hopefully after the kit and petcock it will run better than new. This weekend I plan on changing the oil, coolant, vacuum hoses, and ripping the smog junk off. We'll see how far I get.
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