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Thread: Custom Built Guitar for sale

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    Default Custom Built Guitar for sale

    I dont know if anyone would be, I will put it up here for shits and giggles.

    For sale here is a custom guitar which consists of: Solid Swamp Ash body with a very striking grain...much more so in person then the pictures can show...(Ibanez RG body style) from EKG custom guitars out of California. This body was once owned by solo guitarist Doug Stapp from Texas(friend of mine) check out his web site.

    Quartersawn maple neck from EKG custom guitars out of California. It has 24 jumbo frets, Pau Ferro finger board, offset Abalone dot inlays, reverse headstock. The neck profile is that of an 80's Ibanez Wizard.

    Pickups: neck position-Dimarzio Tone Zone...middle position-Fender Texas Special...bridge position-Dimarzio Super Distortion, These pickups were once owned by Doug can see them in his old Ibanez RG750 on the cover of his first solo cd on his web site.

    It has a 5 way pickup selector switch...I will include a 3 way(I was going to install it...but, never had the time)

    The bridge is a Gotoh hardtail string through the body

    The tuners are Gotoh

    All hardware is gold

    The ouput jack is slanted similar to an Ibanez JEM (on the side edge of the body)

    The volume pot is a 500k. I have removed the tone pot and put the volume pot where the tone pot used to be and filled in the old volume pot hole.(ala Paul Gilbert)

    The body has a tung oil finish.

    I can assure you that this is NOT a stripped down Ibanez. Ibanez makes/made basswood bodies.

    This guitar sings whether it is plugged in or played acoustic(unplugged).

    One problem with the has a ground issue. Nothing that a bit of re-soldering couldnt fix.

    I will include with this guitar an Ibanez deluxe case(pictured) and a strap.

    I am firm on the price of $450....but money talks and bs walks.

    If all the parts were purchased to make this exact would be looking at around $1100!

    This is a great sacrifice to me...but, i've gotta do what i've gotta do.

    Thanks for looking. Any questions...feel free to email me.

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    Default Re: Custom Built Guitar for sale


    I didn't know you played... I would look into it but I just bought the new bike and I really want an american Strat...

    Good luck with the sale. Try Craig's list and Music Go Round. They can sell it on consignment for you.
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