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    With lots of options out there I thought I would post some pics and a little review of the boom speakers especially after kosher asked about them the other day.

    When I first got the RG I didn't care for the stock speakers at all. With the tiny windshield everything was distorted and and I couldn't really hear past 60 mph.

    So I went with probably the cheapest option out there and got the Boom audio speakers for the RG for about $150. They move the tweaters from the cone to the grill and they really help with the sound.

    Install took me about 2 hours and it only took me that long because I had the bike for a week and never worked on it before. once the fairing was off the speakers went in in about 10 min.

    So install was very easy and comes with very detailed easy to follow instructions and everything you need but the screw driver to install.

    So pull the fairing, remove screws holding speakers and grill in place. peel the old grill off and replace with the one provided using 3m tape. the screw new speakers into mounting bracket and replace the bracket/speaker/grill combo. replace fairing and crank the tunes.

    The new speakers I can now hear at 70mph at about 50% volume and can still hear at 90 at full volume. I highly recommend these as an easy fix for sound issues. I do plan on adding an amp and 2 more speakers over the winter and then the system will be tits. I haven't decided if I'm going to upgrade the speakers to hogtunes or j&M so I can have larger speakers or not yet though.

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    Good write up.

    I know I can hear them jammin down the highway if I don't have mine up too loud.
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    Very nice Rug...looking forward to hearing them..

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