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Thread: looking for either a 870 or 500

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    Default looking for either a 870 or 500

    looking to do some trading for a 870 or 500 shot gun. will trade paint work, fab, repair work, as long as my ass or mouth ain't involved !!!

    a base model will do because i'm gonna change it up anyways.

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    If you end up buying one look at the Remington Nitro Mag. I won 1 a couple years back and the like it a lot.
    What I like most is the coating they put on it. It will never rust and can take all kinds of abuse in the woods.
    Take up to 3 1/2 mag. shells.
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    If you have not found one yet keep your eye on Dunham's sales. I got one a few months back on a killer sale with a $30 mail in rebate on top of it. Mine is a 870 tactical with a regular stock and pistol grip. Took it our to the DNR range in Jackson a while back and it shot perfectly.
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