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Thread: Amen Savior cb750 parts

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    Default Amen Savior cb750 parts

    I have several sets of cb750 amen savior motor mounts, these are laser cut stainless steel triple nickel and show chrome on one side and a brushed finish on the other, $155.00 shipped.
    Also I have several sets of the amen savior guide plates, 100% stainless steel buffed to a chrome like finish,,$55.00 for a set of four shipped

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    i know those pictures & parts
    is it you under a different name?....

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    Who ya think Jon?

    I know the name Bluesman but I thought it was from a different forum I was on...
    ^^My $0.02 not yours^^
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    you guys thinkin about buyin or just like the other site you just cluttering up my thread LOL!!!!!!!! I am bluesman

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