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    Default benefit party !!! FLINT

    posting this for a HCMF brother, hell yeah i'll be there !!

    Sat sept. 15th 2012
    located @ 2519 lewis st flint mi.
    (the bike shop)

    we will be sponsoring a benefit for
    our fallen
    brothers and sisters..

    Mike harvell (aka "mikey")
    passed away sat aug 4th 2012
    due to a motorcycle accident
    caused by a truck and trailer..

    A short time prior to this accident, brad malone (aka bulldog) and his wife were also taken down by a truck, brad has suffered a crushed pelvis, broken hip and other various injuries, his wife suffered a broken femur, and also other related injuries.

    Another rider lorne (aka shotgun), who was riding with bulldog and his wife was also injured..he suffered burns, and back related issues..

    whether you knew-know them or not, you are more then welcome to attend this event!! We would really apreciate any and all help with raising some money for funneral expenses, medical cost etc..

    There will be plenty of food, beverages, and live music!! (two bands lined up so far!)

    we are asking for a 5$ per person donation at the gate/door..(which will include an all you can eat dinner, music etc..(beverages will be available for a small donation per)

    all proceeds to go directly to help out our fallen riders!!

    Gate/doors open @ 12 noon sept 15th..

    P.s..bikes will be pulling out @ about 2pm for a ride to downtown flint...then back to the bike shop for food, music etc..
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    just an add on..

    Mike Harvell benefit party 9-15-2012 EVERYONE WELCOME!!
    THREE BANDS!!!!! will be playing at our party/benefit next saterday!!!!..a metal band, a classic rock band and a great blues band!! providing, the bands will be setup outside, we`ll have horse shoes setup etc..were only asking for a $5 donation, which will cover an ALL YOU CAN EAT DINNER AND THREE LIVE BANDS!!..Also there will be a FULLY stocked bar!! beer, whiskey, soda pop, coolaid, etc..LOL (small donation per, for the beer, pop etc)..coolaid will be free for the kids..(or adults if that`s their flavor of choice..LOL)..NO ATTITUDES NO EXCEPTIONS!!!, plan on laughing, joking and just plain having a good time, or stay home..LOL..plenty of security, so no worries..we would greatly apreciate your support!!..gate opens at 12 noon, bikes pulling out @ 2pm for a quick trip downtown, we plan on returning to the shop by 3:30-4pm at the latest..bands will start playing around 4:30/5pm, dinner served @ 6pm...(buffet style, food will be available all night)...camping available..
    2519 lewis st flint building on the west side of lewis..says "Home printing" on the south side..cant miss it..

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