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Thread: $35 Gift Certificate & get your bike in a Video

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    Default $35 Gift Certificate & get your bike in a Video

    Would You Like a $35 Gift Certificate?

    We Want YOUR BIKE to be in New Videos we are Making!We want More Pictures, and we'll pay you for them!

    If you have a DK Custom Air Cleaner on your bike (any Model), email us some pictures.

    Iif you have a Dyna or Softail with a DK Custom Coil Relocation us some pictures.

    If we use your picture(s) in one of the videos we will send you a $35 Gift Certificate. (The sooner the better, but no later than 9-10-12)

    Email pictures to:

    Pictures for the $35 Gift Certificate should be high resolution. Make sure there is no clutter in the background taking attention away from your bike.

    Wide open parking lots are good, scenic overlooks on roads, brick wall backgrounds.

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    Seems like you guys have tons of sweet pics on your FB.

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