What a great classic look that still looks AMAZING today. And talk about a bang for your buck at $1659.

Corbin Warbird Kit

A lot has happened in the motorcycle industry in the last two decades: Big Tire Choppers... Classic Bobbers... return of the Cafe Racer... Stretched Baggers... But it seems the Warbird style was never forgotten. This year Mike finally caved in to the miriad of requests and has redesigned the Warbird style for a new release!

The Warbird is a series of components designed to work together for a unified look or can be used individually to convert a stock Harley-Davidson FXR into a rolling work of art. Together the components capture the essence of classic Warbirds like the Corsair, Mustang and Thunderbolts for an aggressive stance and smooth aerodynamic line. The system is compised of:
Warbird Fairing for FXR
Corbin Chin Spoiler
Smooth Side Covers
Warbird Tail section
Warbird Custom Saddle

Warbird Fairing takes its lines from the tank and carries them through the front of the machine. Frame mounted design installs independently of the forks and works with the stock legs or a wider set like we've done here (from VRSC model). Warbird fairing stays straight regardless of the handlebar direction so it always looks tight and aggressive. Corbin fairing hides frame tubes and wiring around the triple trees giving a very clean appearance.

Aerodynamically designed to cut through the wind while providing a degree of rider protection as well. Opens up a whole new world of opportunities for custom paint jobs, or you can have it painted to match your existing color scheme. Durable Fibertech construction comes in gel-coat ready for your painter's preparation. All mounting hardware and instructions are included.

Fairing includes the molded dash unit that mounts around the bars and really cleans up the installation. Also includes brackets to mount the gauges down and inside the fairing as shown. We've specifically designed our Warbird Fairing to work with the dual gauges shown. Some models of FXR may use sizes or styles of gauges that may require special brackets (not included).

Chin Spoiler is designed to integrate the lines of the FXR into the bottom end for a more visually streamlined look. Our spoiler flows over the frame downtubes with a large duct built into the design for proper engine cooling. We've designed this piece to work with the stock FXR foot controls, but with a little simple modification it can work with forward controls if you've already installed a set of those.

We offer the spoiler in ABS ready for your painter to scuff and primer or for a little extra pre-painted in gloss black and ready for installation right out of the box. Mounting is simple and we include all needed hardware and detailed instructions. This is a simple project for the average weekend mechanic. Constructed of ABS for a clean finish, durability and value.

For long term paint durability, many folks work with their painter for a little extra protection at the bottom because this is where you are most likely to get rock chips from the front tire. Likewise a small piece of clear contact paper would protect the paint and be virtually invisible and very simple to install or replace as needed.

Smooth Side Covers provide a very simple and clean look that molds gracefully into the contour of the frame, filling the space and smoothing out the lines. Very simple to install with no frame modifications required. Works with Corbin seats or stock models for maximum versatility.

Corbin side covers are available in two styles: FULL covers give a smooth line that fills in the entire "triangle" of the FXR chassis and therefore do not allow for passenger footpegs. If you are using the Warbird tail section, this is an excellent choice. Corbin's SHORT covers give a very similar look, but are brought up a little shorter on the bottom edge to allow for passenger footpegs.

Full covers are constructed of vacuum formed ABS. Short covers are constructed of Fibertech material. Both come ready for your painter's preparation for primer coat and include all required mounting brackets.

Warbird Tail Section is designed to replace the fender and inner fender as a single unit. Gives the bike a fast and clean line at the back that really puts the Warbird look over the top. Includes an integrated license plate frame that is frenched in to keep that clean line. This special frame by RWD (Russ Wernimont Designs) features LED lighting that provides Tail Light, Brake Light and Turn Signals all in one.

Inside, the Warbird Tail provides a hideaway for small items like cell phones, summer gloves, GDO remotes and keys. We've even lined the inside to keep these items safe and secure. Please note the storage area is not as large as it appears from the outside as there is room inside for tire travel. Total storage volume is approximately 4 liters. Warbird tail section is designed to work with a special saddle from Corbin.

Warbird Tail uses our rotomolding process that molds the entire unit as a single piece with no seams. Using a special polyurethane material purpose built for Corbin, the tail section come to you very smooth and ready for your painter's final preparation and primer. Long lasting durability with an excellent finish and perfect fit!

Warbird Saddle is designed specifically for use on the above tail section. Using high density Comfort Cell foam to provide firm support with a very low profile, the Corbin saddle is the perfect finish. Wide, dished seating provides excellent weight distribution so you'll be happy to spend time on your bike. Topped off with genuine leather seating in your choice of colors and styles. Includes custom stitch pattern and Warbird logo embroidery.

Installs simply using a key lock system that integrates with the stock chassis and Corbin Warbird tail. Locking installation provides secure storage for items in your tail section. If you're running a custom tank on your FXR, we can work with you to create a custom Warbird saddle that will match up perfectly. Talk to one of our Tech Reps for complete info.

Original Warbird
All together, the new Corbin Warbird system plays off the smooth lines of the original Corbin design while developing an identity all it's own. Both were inspired by the legendary planes of the 40's and pay homage to the heroic men who piloted them. Available only from Corbin, Purveyor of Fine Motorcycle Art!

A note about installation: Like most Corbin components, the Warbrid pieces are designed to bolt up to a stock chassis without requiring cutting, grinding or welding. However, please keep in mind that most FXR models have already been modified to some degree and likely make wide use of aftermarket components. As such some of the Corbin components may need to be modified slightly for clearance or you may need to improvise brackets (ie for your gauge setup). That is why we highly recommend all pieces are test fit BEFORE you apply any paint.