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Thread: FOR SALE: Yamaha XS1100

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    Default FOR SALE: Yamaha XS1100

    I'm posting this for a friend. He is fanatical/meticulous about his bikes. This one is the latest example. Contact me if you are interested, want more information.

    1980 XS 1100 Special

    Sorry for the small pics. Email me for larger ones.


    57,750 miles
    New tires front and back

    New cam chain and re-shimmed valves
    Rebuilt carbs
    New lubricants front to rear
    Driveshaft maintenance completed
    New brakes front and rear.
    Memphis Shades Helcat shield
    Stock except for Helcat and front turn signals

    The motorcycle runs very well and doesn't burn any oil.

    $1999 OBO
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    Looks amazing... why not just put up bigger pics? Upload them here as attachements...
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