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  • Yes, once they are old/big enough.

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  • No, it's too dangerous with texting teenagers.

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Thread: Do you ride your child on your bike?

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    when my daughter was younger i took her around the area but not far

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    I think my daughter was around 8 or so when I started riding her on quads, dirt bikes and street bikes. She is 28 now and an avid quad rider herself. She will passenger on a street bike, but does not care for it that much.

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    As Gas said, and I was the one that asked, the Cycle police that escorted one of our rides (Andy Ross I think) stated that as long as1) they can reach the pegs or boards with stable shoes, and 2) able to wear a DOT helmet they are legal.
    With that being said I have been taking my kids on rides since the were able to sit upright and hold on to my arms while in the front of me. However, we were only goin about 10-15 MPH Max and only around the block or down the main drag of our neighborhood. 2 summers ago I took Isabel out on the HD; as she fit in the wifes 3/4 and was able to reach the passenger highway pegs, and we went buzzin round town runnin some errands and went and saw the wife at work for lunch. She has been taking little jaunts with me since.

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    The man said it... I am on the same ground as Cave on this.
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