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Thread: Cycles Live 2011 - Birmingham, UK

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    Default Cycles Live 2011 - Birmingham, UK

    Went to a cool bike show today. Like the Silverdome show but better.
    There's a full write up on my blog with description but I try to post some original content over here (even though you pricks can't be bothered to find me a pinstriper).

    Norton rotary cafe.

    Something for the Billet barge fans.

    Metisse is still making frames, now making motors too! You can build this bike turnkey with a modern Triumph lump.

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    Awesome and I DID try to get you somebody for pin-striping...
    ^^My $0.02 not yours^^
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    Chris: There's a lesbian up near Avoca that does excellant work and is reasonable. I intend to have her do my "Orange" after we do some touch up this winter.
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