This is what started out as a 2004 Suzuki GSXR600, then I swapped a 1000 motor into the bike. After I was bored with that, I decided to build a turbo kit for it. So I fabbed up a turbo manifold, air plenum, custom fuel rail, and fit it all to the bike.

The bike has but not limited to:

-7-9" Adjustable Swingarm w/ airshifter tank
-Air shifter (requires killbox to function)
-chrome wheels
-HPHV Intake Fuel pump
-New bigger injectors
-AEM Wideband AFR Gauge
-Boost gauge
-Fuel Pressure gauge
-MTC 2 Stage Lockup Clutch
-Shinko Ultra Soft 190 Rear tire
-Solo seat cover and passenger seat included
-Fully polished frame
-Custom painted Kandy Orange (I created this color, you cannot buy this anywhere, pictures do not do it justice, and I also painted the bike)

This bike has been turbo'd for over a year, and over 10,000 miles, with no problems. This was done on top of a stock motor. This bike can handle 15psi on RACE FUEL ONLY (VP C16), I do not go more than 10psi on 94 pump gas. This bike still has excellent compression.

This bike will put you well into the 8s in the 1/4.

I am sure I am forgetting something.

If you have any questions obviously feel free to ask.

Thanks for looking!

Have many many pictures available. From Day 1 to present.

Asking $7500 as the bike sits.... or else its going to be repainted, repolished and just cleaned up a bit.