Started the Spring Pistol League last week. Rimfire only, slow fire, 50'. (Yes, it's 50 feet. I know that for a fact...)

Didn't do too well on my opening. I shot two weeks-worth at 137 and 139. Not as abysmal as the mid 90's I scored on the first week of the winter league, but dissapointing after ending the winter league in the 160's.

Shot last night. I was planing to shoot only one week, but as I went along everything felt good and the targets were looking nice, so I figured I shoot another week.

When the targets were scored, week 3 was 180 with 2X and week 4 was 190 with 3X. I was pretty happy with that, still want to break into the 200's and stay there consistently.

I do like the red dot. I think part of last week was getting used to shooting with two eyes open, I've always closed one. Yesterday it came pretty natural.

Man, I hope that wasn't a fluke!