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Thread: Tunnel of trees State route 119

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    Default Tunnel of trees State route 119

    State Route 119
    From: Harbor Springs

    To: Cross Village

    Length: 20 miles

    Type: Paved

    Known as the tunnel in the trees, this road hugs the edge of the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, and in summer does seem like a tunnel in the canopy of the surrounding trees.

    Worthwhile stops:
    Numerous beaches line the lakefront.
    Stop in to The Leggs In Bar /Restaurant for Kick Butt Polish food And beers. Smoked White fish to die for!
    My Crew Calls it Michigans Dragon There is about 20 miles of tight curves Much fun to be had just watch out for traffic, driveways and crude in the corners after a rain.

    This is in the tip of the Mitt in the north west corner. After you get all fat and happy at the Leggs inn you can go for another short ride straight north of Cross Village to the Big Mac bridge

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    I've done this ride... last year with caveman. It's such a nice ride...

    Couple pics

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    Been there several times. Just gotta watch the sand and motorhomes.

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    Nice Pics !

    Yeah crud in the corners can make ol mr winky pucker Especially after a rain.

    Leggs inn Is probably my favorite pub and grub in the state. Awesome view on the back patio over looking the lake while drinking polish beers. Doesn't get much better in this state.

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    Leggs is awesome but, the TOT sucks IMO traffic and sand makes for nothing more then a slow senic ride.
    For a 3 plus hour ride to get there, I'd rather go south/east to hocking hills Oh, many more roads less traffic and perfect conditions.

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    I like it but I'd much rather go south with that kind of time to spare.
    You might be like, I'm confused, what's the attraction?
    But some dudes just love to lose traction.

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    its a nice ride if you are in the area have done it twice in the last 2 years always first sun in oct w/ guys i work with its part of our color ride

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    Looks awesome does any one have a detailed map or gps cordinates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirty dave View Post
    Looks awesome does any one have a detailed map or gps cordinates?

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    here's a short vid of some of it.

    Yes, the narrowness of the road and the trees is unique to MI but honestly there are far better roads south of there around Central Lake and East Jordan.
    Just sayin...


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