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    I saw a guy out at 7am today on a bike, riding thru the wind, rain, and cold. (and some snow that's supposed to come today as well-though not much)

    And we wasn't on some HD road sofa with heated everything and full frontal fairings. He was on some standard late 80's/early 90's street bike.

    That's brass balls, but I'm sure brass gets cold too!* ;D

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    I was cold in my car until it heated up. LOL
    Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

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    Shit, i was cold in my bed under the comforter... I have to say, some people are more hardcore that I am about riding.* I have become a fair weather rider...


    The days of riding everywhere are gone... time to be all growesed up.
    Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Sh*t... WHAT A RIDE!"

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    Oh my GOD, what wimps..............

    You guys no that by the weekend it will be back up to 60.* I feel you DB is putting his up but that's because of his neck and he doesn't influenza in his body, but you guys......bikers ;D ;D
    Bettyboop 79 gl1000

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    I'm thinking about riding right biggest thing is that I just don't feel like putting all that shit on. LOL

    Otherwise, the riding part is no biggie.

    I was out yesterday for awhile and though it wasn't cold, there were a few times the wind gusts almost blew me away to "never-never land".*

    But I would not have been out riding at 7am today. Could be the guy had no other option to get to where he was going, but still...brass balls. Well insulted too I guess.

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