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Thread: How much is too much?

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    i have 23,000 on my r6 and still running strong.. i use amsoil so i think that helps..

    i would say rule of thumb for a bike is 1 mile on a bike is equal to 2 miles on a car..

    so IMO 50,000 miles + would be "a lot of miles" on a bike.. equal to a car with 100,000 miles.. not saying it's the end of it's life just that it's is definitely "broke in" by then..
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    I've never heard the 1mile = 2 mile but it sounds about right.
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    I don't really think its the milage but more of how they were put on. How the bike was ridden and treated would be a bigger concern to me. A well maintained bike can get 6 digit milage with no problems. However if all it was used for was hole shots, burn outs and racing from light to light your gonna get more wear and tear.
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