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Thread: Fiat 500 Abarth Meets Dodge Ram

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudpuppy View Post
    Highly doubt it.. there is a big difference:

    Yamaha - successful diversed company that is making money. It will never go under. They put out a top notch product.

    Fiat / Chrysler - two failed endeavors joining together - two wrongs don't make a right - and they will take each other down. And both their products are fucking junk anyways. I won't lose any sleep when they go under. Fuck em.

    That is my story and I am sticking to it.
    That's exactly what it is your story, and I won't loose any sleep over some piece of shit jap bike or jap company fuck em

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    2 immoveable object meet

    ^^My $0.02 not yours^^
    aka Gas Man

    "Why pay somebody else to fuck up your bike?"
    "Custom don't bolt on!"

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    i drive and always will drive a mopar. i could care less what anybody thinks. i work on new shit wagons all day, all makes and models, and THERE ALL PIECES OF SHIT!
    i don't care who make'em. every brand has there junk and the dealer looks for any small thing to not stand behind the product. just got in a new 2011 chevy malishit, quess what... it's still a piece of junk.

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