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Thread: One mile kill shot

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    bring food and i have enuff ammo to go around

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadZombie View Post
    I have a buddy who was a Navy SEAL...guess where he got his sniper training? Yup...the Marines. From what he's told me a 1 mile kill really isn't shit on that gun. It is definitely an accomplishment, but it isn't difficult for a properly trained sniper to do it. Pretty much any solid "body hit" is a killshot. There are also a lot more "off the books" kills at even greater range according to him.

    All I know...I want one!
    +1, while a mile killshot is an accomplishment, that .50 cal will decimate any human being it hits. And, according to the video, the rounds he was using for it were an explosive round designed to penetrate the block wall they were behind.. From what I got, even if the round didn't necessarily hit its mark, the aftermath took care of it for him.. Remember, there were 3 insurgents behind that wall and from the look of it he tagged all 3 of them.

    Still, you gotta respect the skills of any trained sniper, marines or otherwise.

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    the sniper books and movies are awesome.. i forget what that one movie was but it was pretty sweet..

    those guys are animals - out there for days shitting themselves, etc. just to get one shot..
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