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Thread: Purpose of vest?

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    A vest really doesn't give you much protection, however there are some reasons why I wear mine.
    1. Pockets- There easy to get too and can carry keys, phone, wallet and conceal a firearm if needed. Ever rode 250 miles with a wallet in your back pocket? Gets sore after a while.
    2. Versitile - by this i mean it gives you some protection from the elements. If you wear extenders the air vents through and across the body. In cooler weather where a jacket is just to much it can be buttoned up for warmth. If you run into rain they will keep your core from getting wet and cold for a little while. At least until you can pull over or change to a jacket.
    3. Patches - Not just club or organization patches, but also events, locations, quotes, memorials etc. It's a way to express our individual selves. It's what makes us unique among the masses. It's like a symbol of our individual freedom.
    4. They look badd ass.

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    Ok, who in the hell let this guy in? One thing we don't need around here is common sense!

    Alcohol, Tobbaco and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

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