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  1. Greg, got all my stuff from Shelby out to storage in Clay Township, and over half of it from Don's house. Hopefully will finish at Don's tomorrow.
  2. Funny, I just looked at the link to the restaurant,had a review by Gasman, unhappy and won't be back, LOL!
  3. What time are you leaving home Sunday?
  4. I would REALLY like to go, that should take you close to W.Virg? Oh, I did find the bungee cords for the tankbags, and you could take the "Wolfman Beta" as well. The compressor is availible.
  5. OK. Family stuff rules.

    I booked a room and hope to go. I've wanted to get a group to Ohio for 3 years now. This will be an interesting group, lol.
  6. Greg, June 22nd my nephew is to be married here in Algonac. My sister's and their husbands will be up for it. Additionally my other nephew may be in country with his family from Japan. That weekend is going to be bad for me.
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