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Gas Man
11-23-2009, 11:57 PM
Knight Rider Performence is not only a great place for bike tech (http://www.nightrider.com/biketech/)but also sells a few select perfomence parts (http://www.nightrider.com/parts/) as well.

Their bread winner has to be the XiEDs.

Don't let the Harley heat monster ruin your riding.
Reduced Engine and Exhaust Temperatures
Reduce Engine Surging
Improve Throttle Response
Reduce Engine Ping

I like to keep in mind the intended purpose of each bike. My Ultra is designed to trek me cross country in comfort. It is not a hot rod. It gets a bit hot and throttle response could be improved. The Nightster runs cool enough for what I notice, but throttle response sucks.

I figured it this way. I have 2 choices. First, aftermarket tuner + dyno time, which adds up to $500+/-. Gain some added power, cooler temps, better throttle response. Second, and my choice, NightRiders XiED, which will give me cooler temps, better throttle response, and maybe?

I have been waiting all year for the new 2009 FLH XiED to be certified. They finally were and I picked up a set for the Ultra and a set of X14iEDs for the 2009 Nightster.

The Ultra's, which I have yet to install. The added wire is to correct the new FLH dirty ground.

The Nightster's X14iEDs

The plug-n-play installation is just that.


Unplug the O2 sensor here

Put the X14iED inline between the O2 and the bike's wiring

Then tuck it in somewhere keeping it away from hot items

Used 2 zip ties and the existing clamp to keep it tight and clean


Stock wiring plug here


Plug in and zip tie into place

I added a step, that wasn't in the NightRider instructions. I pulled the maxi fuse for 15 mins. Then reinstalled that. Took the bike for a nice 15 mile ride.

First thing that I noticed was improved throttle response at idle. It use to plup then rev off idle when you whack the throttle. 75% of that is gone.
In gear, clutch out, and twist the throttle. I instantly notice the throttle response. I swear they installed a few extra power points. Couple that with the throttle response and the end result is all big grins. I'm amazed!! It feels like it added 5-10hp.

I still need to do the Ultra install and report back. I'm also going to have the brother in law ride the Nightster for a 2nd opinion (he's rode it a few times). But right now the weather is poopy for the next 4 days.

More to come...

Gas Man
11-28-2009, 11:02 PM
Well I did the install on the Ultra.

The units themselves

Locate Front


Now not only did I plug the unit inline, I shrink wrapped the grounding end for 2 reasons. One to cover up the pink plastic, and two, to keep water out of it.

I then also replaced the yellow zip tie and then zip tied the wires into the same place the harness was before.

Found the rear just behind the oil dipstick.


Ran the grounding wire up to the battery ground under the seat

See the blue connector

Shrink wrap the grounding connection, same two reasons

Zip tie it all together

Tucked back into place

I must say, I 100% endorse this product. While the greatest benifit for a Twin Cam is to cool the motor down, which I won't be able to notice till next year sometime. However, the throttle response is nearly the same improvement on the Ultra, benifit as well.

Hands down this is a must do mod, especially for $100 and its complete ease.

Bagger Dave
12-24-2009, 10:37 AM
cool shit Gas! :cool:

04-16-2010, 07:36 AM
Hi Gas man,
you are right, i am agree with you that It gets a bit hot and throttle response could be improved. The Nightster runs cool enough for what I notice, but throttle response sucks.i already use this,its nice and reliable, thanks for sharing

Gas Man
04-16-2010, 09:17 AM
No problem man.

It should be reported....

That these have reduced my oil temps by at least 50* on my Ultra.

Gas Man
04-17-2010, 01:02 AM
Well I have been putting miles on these XiEDs and I must say I am even more impressed now. Stephen the owner of Nightrider informed me to ground both XiEDs, the front simply needed to be grounded on the VR mounting bolt.


So I did and it continues to run well. This is to fix a historic error code for stray voltage in the un-grounded XiED. Mine wasn't this way cause I had an early version of the directions.

Stephen was even able to explain more about these in email when I was debating their existence with my mechanic at the dealer. He compares them to Power Commanders, which are known for causing problems. However, unlike PCIIIs that piggy back over the stock ECM, which causes all kinds of negative side effects with the ECM. These are only inline with one sensor that only runs 0-1 volt. The ECM itself has 15 volt protection so even if you shorted out the two O2 sensor wires by twisting them together the ECM would be fine. Further, I found out that Stephen's qualification is his degree in Computer Science with electronics design major. He also use to work for HD designing ECMs and complete EFI systems in the 90s.

But enough about that... These XiED's have gave me a 50*+ oil temp drop. Its amazing!! I love these things!!!