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10-14-2009, 03:57 PM
Anyone interested in doing a fall color ride? Probably the only chance to put it together and still see some color is going to be the weekend of the 24th/25th, or possibly the 1st of November.

I'm thinking a day long deal, starting and ending points uncertain. The route will probably be as far north as Fenton or so, south and west to Adrian, back east toward Monroe, anything goes. It'll definitely include a stop or two for food and libation. We'll try and keep it to daylight hours.

I'm going to start working out a route on the off-chance there's any interest. It won't be limited to this forum, so hopefully we can get a dozen bikes or so. We don't have to meet up all at once, people can join as we go through their neck of the woods.

Please let me know if there's any interest here at all. If not I won't bother to post a route.

Gas Man
10-14-2009, 10:34 PM
I would love to but i'm in margaritaville that entire week... so I wont have time to do either weekend...

10-14-2009, 10:41 PM
I wont have a bike to go but if you guys have never headed out toward Irish Hills it's really nice that way. We did a day long trip one day. We started in Rockwood, headed out to Irish Hills, stopped at some Harley dealer in Tecumseh (I think it was Tecumseh anyway) they had a bbq and stuff going on. We stopped and ate in Irish Hills and then headed to Ann Arbor and then back to Milan and then back to Rockwood. Was a really nice ride with 2 lane roads with no traffic. Was nice.

10-15-2009, 01:27 AM
im going to be doing almost that same exact ride next wed with my gramps who has been puttin it off for 3 weeks now.

10-16-2009, 12:23 AM
I am camping that weekend. I might be done for the season, spare a couple of impulse rides.

10-23-2009, 10:32 AM
In case the date was bad for you, the ride is postponed to Saturday Oct 31, with Sunday Nov 1st as the backup. Both days are forecast to be sunny and mid 50's.

10-23-2009, 07:43 PM
as of right now i can make the saturday the 31st ride unless the boss makes me work

10-24-2009, 10:21 AM
Tell him you have eye trouble. Specifically, you can't 'see' any point in going to work!

10-24-2009, 06:59 PM
i like it a lot. so where is the ride going to be starting at

10-24-2009, 08:51 PM
PM yor email addy and I'll send you the route.

10-24-2009, 09:18 PM
Hey Telecast, although I'm around Sterling Heights, I may be able to join in on the Saturday ride for all or most of the route. I will pm you (not on you) for the route. We need to be back in Daylight or risk getting egged by Trick or Treaters!!

10-24-2009, 10:30 PM
Well, since there seems to be some interest all of a sudden here's a scan of the route. For some reason I can't post a link. I think next time I'll use google.

If we go Sat we'll pull out around 11:30. That'll give us enough time to do the ride, stop for a bite, and get back in time for All Hallows Eve. Sterling Height's isn't bad, I have a guy coming in from 20 miles west of Coldwater, and another from Mt. Clements. Most of the interest so far has been from the XLForum, One from a Kaw forum and some direct friends. If every one goes it'll be a dozen bikes or so.

If the weather forces us to wait for Sunday we'll go at 10:30 due to the time change.

39 East Cross Street is Aubree's Saloon. Current mileage is 119 or so.

10-25-2009, 12:26 AM
ok if I bring a buddy along?

10-25-2009, 08:47 AM
Bring anyone you like, you can bring 12 buddies if you want. Also, this is a two-up/solo event, there will be wives and girlfriends, so if you have a significant other feel free to bring her along.

10-25-2009, 09:53 AM
I redid the map on google so I don't have to keep emailing it.

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=39+east+cross+st+ypsilanti,+mi&daddr=W+Clark+Rd+to:N+Dixboro+Rd+to:Fuller+Rd+to:W +Huron+River+Dr+to:Huron+River+Dr+to:Dexter-Pinckney+Rd+to:Doyle+Rd+to:Werkner+Rd+to:S+Main+St +to:E+Michigan+Ave+to:Portage+Rd+to:S+Portage+Rd+t o:Napoleon+Rd+to:E+Austin+Rd+to:N+Evans+St+to:E+Ch icago+Blvd%2FMI-50+E%2FE+Monroe+Rd+to:42.183759,-83.640976+to:S+Huron+St&hl=en&geocode=%3BFcvThAIdOm8D-w%3BFbwNhQIdckcD-w%3BFXFAhQId7acC-w%3BFZqXhQIdcvUB-w%3BFSK-hgIdmr3_-g%3BFYmPhwIdMj7_-g%3BFcqrhwIdFlb9-g%3BFbF_hgIdkOv9-g%3BFaCMhQId0PD9-g%3BFZ7lhAIdxfb7-g%3BFSCVhAIdDCf6-g%3BFeDggwIdHT36-g%3BFTJwgwIdEj_6-g%3BFTIRgwIdAHr--g%3BFXrugAIdBhn_-g%3BFcDGgAIdRFwA-w%3B%3BFd6LhAIdSioE-w&mra=dpe&mrcr=14&mrsp=17&sz=11&via=10,12,17&sll=42.142532,-83.61351&sspn=0.290713,0.52803&ie=UTF8&ll=42.2275,-83.927307&spn=0.580643,1.056061&z=10

10-25-2009, 10:46 AM
Why can't I get the map to embed? What am I doing wrong?

10-25-2009, 10:47 AM

10-25-2009, 07:03 PM
o well all i need is the start point anyway.

10-25-2009, 08:18 PM
Thanks for the map man. That crappy one was on a HD site and I was trying to figure out the roads on my own.

You can't embed it because it's html.

10-25-2009, 10:50 PM
The HD map is just as good, I just can't post it. I can email it or you can register and look it over, it's under 'fall ride'. The one I posted was just a scan of one I printed. That's as close as I could zoom in and still get it all on one page. The google map would look the same.

10-25-2009, 11:03 PM
The HD map is just as good, I just can't post it. I can email it or you can register and look it over, it's under 'fall ride'. The one I posted was just a scan of one I printed. That's as close as I could zoom in and still get it all on one page. The google map would look the same.

I mean that printed copy I saw on an HD site and have been trying to figure the actual route in Google. The google map you did is excellent!

10-25-2009, 11:48 PM
o well all i need is the start point anyway.

Click on that big ass link a couple of posts above yours.

10-30-2009, 08:51 AM
OK, here's the deal. All the weather channels agree that Saturday is going to be windy and cloudy with some sun in the afternoon, some are saying chance of showers in the am.

Sunday is going to be sunny all day with highs in the low 50's.

No brainer, we go Sunday.

Sunday, November 1
Ride starts at 10:30 am
Aubree's Saloon, 39 East Cross Street, Ypsilanti.

Don't forget the time change!

Is anyone planning to bring a wife or significant other?

10-30-2009, 03:15 PM
If you guys don't mind, I could ride for a couple hours.

10-30-2009, 03:44 PM
Don't mind? Hell, bring yourself and your friends! Should be a good ride. We'll stop somewhere along the way for a bite-n-brew if your so inclined.

FYI to all: I ahve been on MOST of these roads at one time or another. I don't anticipate any wrong turns...no guarantees!

10-30-2009, 06:55 PM
One thing to keep in the back of your head is the leaves on the roads are wet and slick so you guys be careful! :)

10-30-2009, 08:01 PM
Unless I run into crappy weekend construction delays coming from Sterling Heights, I'll be there Sunday. Going to be a lot of fun (hopefully leaves will be blown off the road for us by Telecast's exhaust as he rides ahead of us ! :):))

10-30-2009, 09:28 PM
(hopefully leaves will be blown off the road for us by Telecast's exhaust as he rides ahead of us

Road Captain
"Cause there's a little captain in all of us"

10-31-2009, 10:49 AM
Stop point:

There's a decent bar with good burgers (The Wolverine) on old US12 just west of Main St. in Chelsea (point 'J' on the map). This is about an hour and a half into the ride, should put us there around noontime. It's close to I-94 and M-52, so if someone needs to peel off early it'd be a good spot.

11-01-2009, 02:34 AM
Fyi: I'm out, I think I fried my starter :(

11-01-2009, 08:56 AM
Well, I dunno where in the hell our sun went. The weather people can't even seem to get the immediate forecast right. It says sunny right now, under current conditions it says overcast.

Oh well, we go. Should be a nice...um...'refreshing' ride!

Gas Man
11-01-2009, 01:20 PM
Did u guys ride today?

11-01-2009, 05:36 PM
Yup! JerryGSX made it and a half dozen or so guys from the XL Forum. Good ride!

11-01-2009, 09:32 PM
Hey Jerry, did you get any good pics?

11-01-2009, 09:56 PM
Tim, will look at camera tomorrow and see if I can post some pics. I'll also try to email you some if you want to forward any to the other guys. Great ride!

11-01-2009, 11:12 PM
If you want to post some up here, I can grab the URL and post them there too.

Here's what I got:


11-01-2009, 11:15 PM
Here are a couple from Russ. (Who, by the way, was riding a sweet Sporty bobber!)


11-02-2009, 01:15 AM
sounds like you guys had a good day

11-02-2009, 08:41 AM
A little nippley in the morning. I wore a face cover and some warmer golves until about 11-11:30, after that it was fine. I need some chaps, I got by ok with long johns but it woulda' been nice to keep the wind off my legs.

Roads were good, not much traffic. We had fun finding food. The place I picked doesn't open until 2 on Sunday. A guy from the XL forum hooked up with us there and knew of another place farther down the route, so we headed out. Sign on the door of place two:

"Beginning November 1, we will be closed Sundays."

Nice. We did find another place close by.

We had a total of 7 bikes, started with 6, one guy had to peel off and go to work about 45 minutes in, then we picked up the other guy at the aforementioned closed bar.

11-02-2009, 11:32 AM
Looks like you guys had a great ride. It might be a while but hopefully I'll figure out what the hell I did to my bike by the next ride. Lol

11-02-2009, 11:37 AM
Nice pics! Who's who in the pics?

11-02-2009, 12:07 PM
I'm wearing the HD hoodie, Jerry is standing next to me. Other guys are from the XL forum.

11-02-2009, 06:21 PM
Here are a few more pics.

11-02-2009, 06:52 PM
And a couple more.

11-02-2009, 08:01 PM
Nice shots Jerry, thanks!

11-02-2009, 09:08 PM
Telecast is on front left of me. Here's a video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pODk9HGCcG8

11-03-2009, 08:00 PM
Sorry, but couldn't resist! Songs a little short for the Video. Enjoy.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5ZkM2G5UJE

11-03-2009, 09:41 PM
Well, at least it isn't 'Born To Be Wild'!