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07-04-2015, 02:04 AM
Get yourself some of this!!!

Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Through July 8th - the Big Brukus's 70th Birthday!

~ HAPPY 4th OF JULY! ~


Hope you have a GREAT and fun 4th of July! Ride safely and enjoy the holiday!

~ Our Gift to you - Free U.S. Standard Shipping Thru Wednesday, July 8th ~
To CELEBRATE the 4th of July and the Big Brukus' 70th birthday just 4 days later - we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all standard U.S. Orders - no matter how much you purchase!

Check below for all the items on sale, PLUS this applies to our discount pages that you are welcome to share!

This includes also the Free Shipping on the FIN - which just had a great recovery of a motorcycle in SC! You can read about it below.

~ FIN - FIND IT NOW GPS ALERT AND RECOVERY SYSTEM (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&item=67212) RECOVERS 2014 Hayabusa ~
Recovered: 2014 Suzuki Hayabusa
Location: Sumter, SC

2014 Suzuki GSXR1300 reported stolen on the morning of 6-16-15 at 8:33am. The bike was actually taken at 1:33am in the morning but the Owner did not contact the FIN Recover Center until 8:33am.

We immediately confirmed the location of the bike with the Owner who was now on his way to that location. The Owner also received a text alert that the power had been disconnected. He was concerned that the thieves were taking apart his new bike, which he had only owned for about 7 weeks. After talking with the PD and providing them with an accurate location, it was then determined that the bike was out of eye site, but appeared to be inside an enclosed trailer that was parked approximately 75' off the dirt road where FIN had located it.

Thanks to the Sumter County Sherriff's office for their efforts and assistance in getting a Search Warrant that enabled them to access the Trailer where the bike was recovered inside. The Owner got his bike back and an arrest was made.

Happy ending for the Owner, and just another day at work for FIN.

FIN GPS Alert and Recovery System!
Remember - Find It Now, USA guarantees recovery of your bike, car, tractor, boat, PWC, 4-Wheeler, or whatever else with an engine that you have their product on OR up to $1,000 back on your deductible!
Brukus Motorcycle Parts - Your Online Dealer for Fin - Find It Now Alert! Tracking! and Recovery! GPS System. (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&item=67212)Contact us for more information and pricing. info@brukus.com or 843-822-6582

Have a great riding summer and don't forget to check out Brukus Products to make your rides, short or long, more fun, comfortable and secure.

~ 70th Birthday Special - TWO Tourpack Bullet Secures for $70! (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&item=74937) One of our most popular products to secure your tour pack, sissy bar, pillion, and other detachable is on sale! If you don't need 2, split the order with a friend. You'll be glad to know your detachables are secure!

New WingShield in "Smoked" Lexan!
For all the touring models of bikes with mirrors ~
Harleys, Victories, Indians, Yamahas, Suzukis, Kawasakis, Triumphs
Some may require a custom bracket - but we work with you to be able to protect your hands from windchill, stones and road debris, and bugs.

And NOW available in smoked Lexan with either polished stainless or black hardware. Check out our WingShield selections here. (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product-category.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&pc=12998)

~ Brukus BootShield! ~ $70.00!
Regularly $79.95 - NOW $69.95!
BootShields for Harleys! (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&item=59355)

~ Brukus Hardbag Defender - $65.70 ~
Secure your lids on your Harley Touring Bike Hardbags with the Brukus HardbagDefender! (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&item=69737)We are discontinuing this product and now have reduced it to $69.95! Still a few left.

~ PLUS, don't forget Brukus'
~~~ShieldShackles securing your Road King, Switchback and Softail detachable windshields
~~~All Brukus Products Available on the Discount Links Below!

~ Brukus Product Discounts
ALL of our products are discounted for you! Click the links before to purchase SaddlebagSecure, Bullet Tourpack and Detachables Secure, SeatSecure and Fender Security Screw! These links give you Brukus Discounted Products for your bike!

Brukus Harley Product Discounts (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product-category.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&pc=11130)

Brukus Metric and Victory Product Discounts! (http://brukus.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product-category.cgi?d=brukus-motorcycle-parts&pc=12573)

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THANK YOU AGAIN and keep the rubber side down!

The Big Brukus (Dan) and the rest of the team

~Leading the Way In Securing Your Bike and Thus Your Biking Lifestyle~

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