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Gas Man
06-08-2015, 10:57 AM
It's plug-n-play by DK custom (http://www.dkcustomproducts.com/Stealth-LED-Run-Brake-Turn-Lights-True-Plug-n-Play-Sportster-DK-RBT-LED-PNP.htm)

With run/brake/turn

http://cache.nebula.phx3.secureserver.net/obj/NkUyMUNENTIwOTJGRjFGOUM2QjY6NmU3NWJjYjNmMTQ2YzYyOT JhZTBhZDNjZjM5YzBkMTk6Ojo6


True Plug-n-Play
Measures 6.9" end to end, perfect for the 48 & 72 rear fender
LED Strip is 1/4" square w/ smoked tubing
Stealth fitment on underside of the rear fender
Lights point BACK, not down toward the ground

You can keep, or remove, the stock R-B-T lights on the fender struts

No Load Equalizer needed
Comes w/ step-by-step instructions, 3M Adhesion promoter pad, & zip ties

DK Custom Revolutionizes Run-Brake-Turn LED's for 48's & 72's!

DK's Stealth Plug-n-Play LED R-B-T unit has been tested on 48's and 72's. It utilizes standard Harley connectors. So it is just a matter of unplugging the existing connectors under the seat, and plugging the DK unit in. No cutting, splicing, or tapping into wires. Just plug it in.

Will fit other models (some other Sportsters, & some Dyna's) that use the same Harley connectors as the 48 & 72. We are still testing which. We also anticipate having a non-plug-n-play unit for those that want to do their own wiring.

The 48 & 72 currently have the Run-Brake-Turn all in the two lights that come off the rear fender struts. With the DK unit you can leave those installed (it's all plug-n-play) or you can remove them.

If you have a 2014 or later, you do NOT need a load equalizer.
If you have a 2013 or earlier, & are running the stock front turn signals, you do Not need a load equalizer.
If you have a 2013 or earlier, & you're running LED front turn signals, but keep the rear lights on fender struts, you do NOT need a load equalizer.

The Only time you need a load equalizer is if you have a 2013 or earlier, And have LED turn signals up front, And you remove the stock lights from the rear fender struts, then you will need a load equalizer, which you can see HERE (http://www.dkcustomproducts.com/Street-Magic-Load-Equalizer-for-LED-Lights-on-Harley-Sportsters-DK-CD-SM-LE.htm).

The LED Strip has smoked tubing, & is Custom Designed to fit the 48 & 72 rear fenders. It is affixed to the underside of the frender and the lights point Back, toward traffic, instead of down toward the ground.

Even if your bike is lowered, the tire will not hit the LED's. The 48 in the pictures below is lowered 1.75", and the tire still can't touch the LED unit.

Even a video

Bagger Dave
06-08-2015, 10:09 PM
Coolio! :rockout: