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05-04-2015, 01:14 AM
Hi guys,
Nice to see you on the forum for now.

Finally, i got somehow registered.
I tried in the first place with another nick (Tsunami, it is the bike name), and didn't work, Then, I tried with my name and, here I am.
What can I say about me?
I love to ride
I enjoy long and lonely trips.

I landed in the US last Sep coming from Romania.
I worked in Europe for the last 6 years and did lots of trips, car and bike, from Portugal and Spain to Russia, from Greece to Northern Norway (Nordkapp). I guess that qualifies me as a plane hater! :)

Unfortunatelly I had to sell my bike (a BMW 1150GSA), back in Europe, last July, due to the US legislation and BMW arrogance.S
o sorry.. the bike was prepared for a world trip. So I lost tons of money..
But... what's in the past, should stay in the past.

Good news, I have bought an 1200GSA, 2011, 7,700miles on board.
I hope I'll bring it home in max 2 weeks. I need to change the shocks and stands (I had to lower it)
Good things about a motorcycle bought in the US, it can be registered in Canada, and definitelly in Europe. So this will be a long term relationship...

This year I hope to travel up North to Hudson Bay in Quebec.

I'm glad I found you here and I hope we can exchange riding information and feelings.
So far road quality is worse than in Europe / Ontario, but a GSA will do.

Hello to you all, :)

05-04-2015, 06:01 AM
hello cezar, welcome to TWM

05-04-2015, 06:56 AM
Welcome,m Cezar!

05-04-2015, 07:06 AM
Howdy and welcome!

Gas Man
05-04-2015, 08:34 AM

Got a pic of your bike?

If you want your name changed Kosher or myself can change your name to what you wanted originally.

05-04-2015, 10:18 AM
I do, but it's still in Plymouth, at the dealer:

http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/11094692_845058642221675_2559158553023699048_n_zps oqexbhee.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/11094692_845058642221675_2559158553023699048_n_zps oqexbhee.jpg.html)
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/IMG_1853.1_zpsyiqtqi0n.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/IMG_1853.1_zpsyiqtqi0n.jpg.html)
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/IMG_1852.1_zpsdjmfcgds.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/IMG_1852.1_zpsdjmfcgds.jpg.html)
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/IMG_1851.1_zpsjgfxdidn.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/IMG_1851.1_zpsjgfxdidn.jpg.html)

I put the stickers on the panniers and top case already:
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/IMG_1859.1_zpsn0ntesok.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/IMG_1859.1_zpsn0ntesok.jpg.html)
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/IMG_1860.1_zpsqr44tynt.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/IMG_1860.1_zpsqr44tynt.jpg.html)

Don't get me started Chris, don't do that, I cannot stop, man, that is the problem with me, :)

And here is a bike I sold:

http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/990104_zpsbb2adfb4.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/990104_zpsbb2adfb4.jpg.html)

No hands in a tunnel in Europe:
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/10502171_705409686186572_4783605586438611807_n_zps 1e92a4f7.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/10502171_705409686186572_4783605586438611807_n_zps 1e92a4f7.jpg.html)

Sevilla, Spain
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/Sevilla_zps1ecrtuat.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/Sevilla_zps1ecrtuat.jpg.html)

Trip to the end of the world, Nordkapp, Norway
http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/1403007660_zps79c3afc7.png (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/1403007660_zps79c3afc7.png.html)

You want a movie from a nice mountain road in Romania?
You got me started, I will be banned, my life become a living hell, my wife will drop me, my dog will hate me....nooooo....!, :lol:

05-04-2015, 10:31 AM

05-04-2015, 10:35 AM

If you want your name changed Kosher or myself can change your name to what you wanted originally.

Up to you,
I'd prefer "Tsunami", if you find it too aggresive, leave it the way it is

Gas Man
05-04-2015, 11:05 AM

Letting my slow work connection load that one up....

Up to you,
I'd prefer "Tsunami", if you find it too aggresive, leave it the way it is

Done... you may have to sign back in...

Bagger Dave
05-04-2015, 11:07 AM
Welcome :cheers: nice bike and cool pics!

05-04-2015, 11:14 AM
Great video, where was it taken?

05-04-2015, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the name change

Here is the road:
N45.17759, E23.67219
N45.90539, E23.55670

It's called TransAlpinna
The non paved road is Strategica. From the lake (mid itinerary) to the East
People said that is a very old road (2000+ years) used by the Romans...

5-6,000ft elevation
Very quiet and the air si very clean

Trans-Aplinna is not officially opened, so you go on your own risk, no insurance there
Road is not done, and no protection on the side.

Very dangereuse when fog, basically when in clouds, you cannot see the road, and of-course there are stupid guys showing off on their SUV-s
Lots of accidents during the year.

Police wanted to close it down, but there were too many foreigners to try it, basically in Romania are 2 famous roads, and this is one of them.
So, they ended up installing just 2 signs:

http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff108/tsunnami/12879_zpscdd55dcb.jpg (http://s241.photobucket.com/user/tsunnami/media/12879_zpscdd55dcb.jpg.html)

"Closed road for public traffic"

in between:
N45.29241, E23.68805
N45.42641, E23.62024

(sorry, I hate this stupid new google maps, I cannot attach a link)

Road is available June - October. And no surprise if you can get snow in August...

05-04-2015, 11:53 AM
Very cool intro. Welcome to the site.

Gas Man
05-04-2015, 11:54 AM
That's a cool video... and you are probably going to win on the coolest riding stories... damn!!

I too hate the new google maps... I don't know anybody that doesn't hate it.

Gas Man
05-04-2015, 11:54 AM
And you're welcome on the name change... no worries!

and I love the BMW GS1200 bikes.... I would love to have one but it would only be after I get my legs extended!

05-04-2015, 12:27 PM
Price is killing too..., I paid for this one $16k. I tested my wife endurance....
Panniers and top case included, new tires.., basically bike is new at this mileage with an agricutural tractor engine..., :lol:

I might let you try mine
I got new shocks from Germany (Wilbers), new stands ofcourse and Sargent seat.
I got the seat now below 31 1/2.

But, GOD!, I hate the arrogance of BMW. They stopped me to bring my old 1150GSA and I have habd bad experiences in Romania, Sweden and France.
In Sweden it was pouring cats and more dogs, I stopped by the dealership to get a low beam bulb changed. They saddly said that they have a meeting so in 2 hours they can do it. I left, otherwise I'd lose the ferry
In France, I had a problem with the fog lights.
They said is a 30 days line-up. "Okay but i ride 'round the world, try to understand, I need more lights...!!!"
"Sorry, call the hot-line!"

On the hot line: "What year is the bike?"
"What year is your bike??"
"Sorry the hot line is for newer bikes!"

Like here, BMW is building bikes for showing off, is a status, and less and less reliable.., they don't need the reputation no more...

On the other hand, the 8+ gallon tank I am crazy about, and the telelever suspension that makes to bike run like a dog hit by rabbies on the curves..., made me chose it before Super-Tenere and the KTM (chain transmisson)

Now I seen that even Michigan police are buying their machines...
Yeah, very upset on BMW, but for me is the best compromise

So, we can talk Chris about the GSA's. You need only the green bills, :lol:

See you guys


Gas Man
05-04-2015, 02:34 PM
Very interesting Cezar... I like how well versed you are in them.

But for me I'm a one steed garage for a while. Don't have the spare $$$ or garage space.

05-04-2015, 02:56 PM
Thanks man,

If i want something I find ways, :)
Considerring the money aspect, my heart is in pain 'cause I had to spend so much money, but I am a ghost with no motorcycle, and i choose to make an effort and to get what i need.

BTW, glad I meet you.


05-04-2015, 04:28 PM
I am a ghost with no motorcycle

^^THIS is the quote of the year.

05-04-2015, 04:34 PM
thanks, that's the way i feel

05-04-2015, 08:48 PM
I'm an old BMW guy. Welcome to the circus.

Gas Man
05-04-2015, 09:20 PM
I'm an old BMW guy. Welcome to the circus.

Hey Larry, have you experienced some of what Cezar was saying?

05-05-2015, 01:08 AM
BMW motorcycles from Plymouth, John, look way better than any of my previous experience in Europe

In Romania, Bucharest they called me once to help a guy from Florida with an 1150GS.
The side stand broke down and he had to wait for 7 days to get the part from Germany
They called me to ask me if I am okay to give my side stand to the guy and to wait for the new one, but this was the single positive experience I had
From awhile i apply my happiness formula and seem to work so far:

Happiness = Reality - Expectations

Reality you cannot change
And I am a happy guy, :lol:
Good night!

05-05-2015, 07:20 AM
Welcome ! Great pics, awesome video and great stories!:dthumb:

05-05-2015, 08:25 AM
Welcome to the forum. Cool pics, video and stories of your travels.

05-05-2015, 11:15 PM
Thanks, glad to meet you and thank you for the forum.
It is nice to have a place where you can share and exchange information about trips, bike parts, feelings and passion, oh especially passion, and beyond

The trip to Nordkapp has a special story and a special place in my heart as well, so I will share it, not here, but in a different place of this forum.

05-08-2015, 02:01 AM
Welcome nebuno.

05-09-2015, 10:41 AM
he he,

is "nebunule"
"nebuno" is the feminine side. in case you knew it, i'm not your type, :lol:
we play in the same league

thanks mate

05-09-2015, 01:07 PM
he he,is "nebunule""nebuno" is the feminine side. In case you knew it, i'm not your type, :lol:we play in the same leaguethanks matelol!

05-10-2015, 09:24 AM
I worked with a guy years ago from Romania, he always called our dishwasher nebuno and he said it meant crazy man. He would say de fut a lot. He'd tell the girls to suge pula, I remember quite a few of the swearing he taught me. He would call people he didn't like popo.

05-11-2015, 01:58 AM
You know the basics now.
You can go in Romania. You'll live about 10 minutes with this language. They would takle it seriously, especially the cab drivers, :lol:
Hope my wife will not look into this, :))))))))

Nope, "nebuno" is a crazy woman, three letters "f" word is the same as your 4 letters, :lol:
Romanian is the closest langauge to the latin. So they have genders even for things and animals.
It's like in French or German.
To ask that thing to girls, you will not get too much success. You ask directly for oral stuff, only you are explicit on the action, (suck my .. bla bla...)

I think we'll have lots of fun
Uuuh, wait!
He called the dishwasher "nebuno", you say...

I think he meant his wife. To be rude you'll call your wife the dishwasher machine, so maybe...
"Why would I buy a dishwasher machine? I married one!", something like this

Have a good night guys,
Hope this week I'll bring my bike home.
Not figured yet about its name. So far, Tsunami, or "Zimbrul" wich is a translation of the Bison. Still looking.
The last 1150GSA was called Kodiak

05-11-2015, 07:20 PM
Hey you ever ride thru deutschland?

05-12-2015, 12:27 AM
I did, why?
Rode and drove, many times, many miles (sorry, kilometers)
your question is for the speed rite?
max, with the bike, 160 (about 100MPH). I had luggage on my beemer.
With the car, max speed about 140MPH. Gas is going to the roof, and in Germany is not cheap (these days, is about $6-$6.5/G), and on top, you have to slow down many times, slower vehicle passing an even slower one, construction etc.
A decent speed is around 100MPH
Whatever I love in Germany is..discipline; you cannot pass another vehicle on the right lane, and pretty much all of them, after passing, they go to the right.

But in Germany is not the hwy that is exciting, it is DAS NURBURGRING!!!!!
Unfortunatelly I did not have the chance. But that is the real road for a bike.

I drove in many contries. I guess more than 30.
I'd say the most dangereuse, Russia (never been in India, i heard that India is the top, :lol: )
Crazy, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Italy, France...

The safest, Norway (the first country where literally I was ashamed to pass).
Top speed on hwy, 50MPH, and they drive 50MPH
A friend of mine increased to 65.
When a driver sees you in the mirror you drive faster, turn the right signal on and make room for you to pass.
Well along with my friend a car got courage and started to pass.
They drove like that for about a mile. Then the car turned the police lights on.
For 15 over, $1,500, :lol:

Anyway, Finland, Norway and Sweden, they have a special cult for Americans. It is not unusual to see them driving big 1960's, 1970's American "boats", very well maintained
But speed is so low, penalties so huge, life so expensive (if you do not live there)
Say.. I stop to a restaurant aside of the road, my wife got a shake, a soup and a salad, i got a salad and fish'n chips. $90, :lol: :lol:
On the other hand the minimum wage, $30/h, but everyting is so freaking expensive. gas is more than $8, probably $9/Gal., A beer at the supermarket about $6, i don't want to think about.


05-12-2015, 12:37 AM
Dude you got awesome stories!yes I was stationed in Giessen for a year drove on the autobahn A few times I have fond memories of germany.

05-12-2015, 09:50 AM
Tsunami, you're going to be a riot. I always told Sabin that I could definitely make enemies in Romania. I had an easy time learning what he taught me because I have a little Spanish speaking in my background. I remember Santa was Mosh Cachon, spelling? This was back in 2000. I'm afraid Michigan can be kind of boring for an adventure rider. You might have fun in the upper peninsula. I live in the north and I feel like I'm on a boring island. I've ridden the good roads around here for years and I hate going south where the population is. North is where it's at.

05-12-2015, 10:32 AM
Dude you got awesome stories!yes I was stationed in Giessen for a year drove on the autobahn A few times I have fond memories of germany.

I was living in Koblenz for about 7 months in 2008.
It was a first stop from Canada.

You were actually quite close to Nurburgring.
You missed it mate, you missed it! Autobahn is nothing compared with Nurburgring.
Even Hockenheim was quite close.

You did like Luxembourg?

You were in a perfect location.
Close to france, Luxembourg, Ntherlands...

05-12-2015, 11:03 AM
Tsunami, you're going to be a riot.I always told Sabin that I could definitely make enemies in Romania. I had aneasy time learning what he taught me because I have a little Spanish speakingin my background. I remember Santa was Mosh Cachon, spelling? This was back in2000. I'm afraid Michigan can be kind of boring for an adventure rider. Youmight have fun in the upper peninsula. I live in the north and I feel like I'mon a boring island. I've ridden the good roads around here for years and I hategoing south where the population is. North is where it's at.

"Mosh Cachon"
Moş Craciun

"mosh" is like an old guy, a grand grand father, but the word is kinda rude word...
"Craciun" is the Christmas. Basically they associated this oldguy with the Christmas. ANd called it Christmas grandy..
I know from my grand mother that is a kind of pagan celebration, the Christmas Eve when the children and not only, get gifts.
I am not into a religion stuff,I find it boring.
If heaven is full of freaking opera songs, long robes chicks and no bikes, that is not a place for me, that’s for sure, :lol:

Romanian language I found it very close to Portugese. Still, stay away of it! It’s kind of stupid. Strange grammar rules, not logical words etc, I guess people were drunk when they set it up.. Anyhow, lots of Romanians are speaking English and French, and I found that more than 50% ofthe words are the same (different pronunciation).
Really, the words are okay. I guess more curves than in Ontario. Quality bad, overall, but for an adventure bike is a good test.
In the summer I hope to reach Hudson Bay, so I’ll have some fun.
Yes, Northern peninsula, even cross into Canada will be way better than the South.
Don’t know how long I’ll stay here, didn’t think where to buy a grave, yet, but I don’t care. I hope
a trip to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska,
a trip to the west coast, secondary roads and gravel only, no hwys,
a trip to Ushuaia, Argentina (now that I found out is a ferry from Panama into Columbia and then a land cross into Ecuador),
a trip round the world (2 months max), if your guy (Obama) will become friend again with the Charming Prince of Russia, stupid freaking situation. Even thou, I guess I will start driving East and register the bike in Romania for Russia crossing.
I think is better in Russia not to wear an American plate to avoid stopping every mile and luggage check.
On top, my wife told me that I am married. Don’t ask me how this happened, and we have together a chihuahua. Kids? We have no time for, and I guess she was not cheating hard enough, :lol:

See you guys later


05-12-2015, 05:33 PM
They wouldn't let us in France at that time.I did make it to Austria,bertshgarden and Amsterdam spent a lot of money there but I was single then..

05-12-2015, 11:14 PM
Who didn't let you down in france?
Was long long time ago? There is no border to France for some time now, I guess for more than 15 years
They callet Schengen place.
it goes from France Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, all the way to Hungary, Slovenja, Poland
basically from Romania (which is not in Schengen) if i decided to travel to the Atlantic, they will check my ID card only (kinda driver license) at the Hungarian border.
They might look for illegal alliens or narcotics, maybe for cigarettes, usually in 6 years i cross that border at least 60-70 times. I never spent more than 2 minutes
After that border there is no stop, only signes when you get into a new country.

That is the fuuny part
I Canada I spent 4 days from Vacouver to Toronto, in Europe in one day you cross 4 countries, :lol:

05-12-2015, 11:59 PM
Hey Larry, have you experienced some of what Cezar was saying?

Sorry Gas, missed your post. I worked in parts at a local dealer for years. We could get parts for bikes back to '70, the /5's. If you search Max's BMW built a R90s from the parts books, all but a few bits. I got out of BMW's around the time the K1300gt came out. I know a lot changed with the "new" marketing.


05-13-2015, 12:01 AM
While reading about your european escapades, it occurred to me we never learned *why* you moved to Michigan of all places.

Did you fall and hit your head, or otherwise incur chromosome damage?

Gas Man
05-13-2015, 09:50 AM
I'll have to check your video later Larry...

Kosher has a point... it's not like you moved to someplace better in Michigan like up north or even on the west side.

05-13-2015, 04:27 PM
While reading about your european escapades, it occurred to me we never learned *why* you moved to Michigan of all places.

Did you fall and hit your head, or otherwise incur chromosome damage?

The DNA iguess, :)
Life taught me a lesson, Kosher.
Go where the work is.

I started to work at this company, Guelph, ON, in 2003 after I crossed theRockies in Feb 2003 coming from Vancouver.
After 5 years (I knew the Canadian facility will be closed down), I had few possibilities:
Wait there, and collect few bucks,
To take over the lab in Ft Wayne, IN, @ HQ
Germany, France and Romania for 3 years as an expat
I did chose #3

So, 3 years became 6.
1 year in Germany and France, and the rest 5 in Romania
Can’t tell you about my life there. It was a dream.
My team in Nantes, France, me, in Bucharest in a homeoffice, new concrete building, security, underground parking, which is veryrare in Bucharest, 6 miles away from the customer (Renault), conferences worldwide,training, mainly Europe, 4-5 times ayear travel to my team in Nantes on the Atlantic.
In 5 years I think I did use the plane only once, in therest of the time, driving or riding.

Gas paid, accommodation paid, new “C” car every 3 years,one trip per year to Canada with my wife for vacation, 30 days vacation (BTW Icouldn’t take 30 days no matter how hard I tried), made my own daily schedule.That was heaven.
But I knew that even heaven is coming to an end.
They proposed France or Germany, local contract, prettymuch half of the salary, or Romania, even lower.
I said “no” so I was prepared to say good bye. I wasplanning to go to UK.
My wife liked Canada, but, no job there.
So in the spring of 2014 we gave up the ski trip toBulgaria and we went to Canada. We bet that she will get the job back. She didn’teven call the damn manager.
Been there in Kitchener, Mar 2014, she went inside,coming out after 1 hour. 100% job back. Not a great job, but she enjoyed it andthis gave us something. I got in a week 2 interviews on 2 recruitment agencies.So, we plans changed.
Starting April, an annoying colleague from Germanycreated a crisis in Renault. So, in this way I met the experts of the USfacility (polyurethane)
We, together, solved the issue, they learnt about me, meabout them, and they made a proposition I couldn’t negotiate, attractivematerial (MCU is in the beginning), close to Canada, if something will happen…so, here we are…
(Did I answered well?, J )

Hey, do you complain about Michigan?
JC, is million times better than Ft Wayne:
corn, straight roads, corn, tornadoes, corn, 2 mexicanrestaurants, corn, no sea, corn, no ski, corn, no motorcycle, and on top of it,corn, :lol:

When I first migrated in 97 I picked Vancouver. But I wasstupid then. I believed that the entire world was waiting for me… Lessonlearnt. You go where there is money for you.
After you find that place, there are things you canenjoy.
Every place has that. Your only job is to find them. Youdig a ton of sand for a gram of gold; corn is more enjoyable than sand I guess,J

05-13-2015, 04:28 PM
Why Farmington Hills? Here is the job my friend. And the big guy up there sent me a bike in Plymouth...

Gas Man
05-13-2015, 10:31 PM
That's an interesting story. Where were born and raised?

05-13-2015, 10:33 PM
Well we are glad your here!waiting to here some of your stories from Europe I'm guessing you follow motogp?so you ended up with a beemer here I kinda got lost in the stories?

05-14-2015, 12:49 AM
That's an interesting story. Where were born and raised?

Also exciting..

Romania, under Ceausescu regime.
That was something... yeah, i cannot believe I lived those times you know...
When I was a kid I was planning to kill him, to drive a minivan, to run on him and his wife and then hide the van into a 5th wheel trailer..

Later on, I was thinking to flee into Serbia (former Yugoslavia) and then into Italy, by crossing the Danube powered by a pressurised gas tank.
I started the plans actually.
I postponed it , after high-school went into army for a year, then the Universiy, short time after I lived the revolution in 89's

I was an engineer shot time, then a teacher to a high school, than a truck driver, than a cab driver. Last 4 years in Romania, I was working as a test engineer to a lab, something similar with DOT here.
That organization issues the vehicle approval for road safety and pollution certification (accoustic, chemical and electromagnetic)

Salary was unbelievable small, around $250 a month.
I had money to buy meat twice a month only
I can't believe guys I lived those times.

I started to work part-time as a test driver for Monte-Carlo rally team. Short time, 3 months only
They were not into winning. Cars were way too expensive for racing in Romania.
One race (The last!), the driver got sick. They gave me the car. I should drive fast on a straight lane and then brake to get taped for television (sponsors, you know, money..)
Of course i didn't give a damn about it. Ford Escort Cossworth, 4x4 280HP.., i destroyed their car., :lol: :lol:

In 96 I run into the manager's office.
I remember I asked him for a $500/month.
Of course he rejected me.
January 97 I applyed for Canada migration
May 97 the interview
Sep 97 I sold my wife's aparment (one bedroom in Bucharest $10,000, now that flat is about $70k) and we landed in Vancouver
I August I register my quitting to the jom. The GM called me. He found out!
"I give you $500!"
"Now I need $2,000!!!"
"You are not lunatic only you are also stupid, where do you believe you will find a job like this???"
"I will work in racing! I will be the test driver!"

Too many American movies, what do you want?
Yup, life slapped me, but hey.., in this way you feel you are alive!

Just a memory I had in '88, we got married that year, we were on my wife's flat.
No electricity (we got electricity around 4-5 hours a day)
It was november i guess, cold.
In the kitchen in Bucharest they were stoves by gas, but the pressure was so freaking low during the day.
And the worse, the flat was on the ground floor
I removed completely the nozzles.. still not enough to keep the flame. The flame started very weak from a lighter, than dissapeared donw into the pipe, :lol:

That day my father-in-low visited (he was living about 30 miles North, he came tu buy some stuff in the capital city)
In the apartment they were 44°F.
My wife wanted to make a tea. No electricity, no gas, he got cold and he said he has to leave to drink a tea (no coffee at that time) on the train station, and he left
We started to laugh. So funny..., we will never forget it
During the night my wife could cook. Less people higher floors to use the natural gas...

Stories, huh?


I might write a book
Neah, too lazy, no time, I prefer to ride

05-14-2015, 12:51 AM
Well we are glad your here!waiting to here some of your stories from Europe I'm guessing you follow motogp?so you ended up with a beemer here I kinda got lost in the stories?

Stories you said?
It'll come...

Neah, I prefer to ride
Maybe in the future to by an R1 for the track only
I could think for a trailer to be attached to the GS
Watta picture heh?

Gas Man
05-14-2015, 09:21 AM
WOW man.... that's all insane.... really makes one think about the problems here are definately of lesser consequence.

05-14-2015, 12:23 PM
Yeah but think about it, I didn't know at that time other way of life.
Basically the situation got worsen in ’85.
Let me explain to you why, get yourself a coffee, it’s interesting:

Ceausescu was a crazy guy, People loved him in the beginning.
He came into power in 65, after the Stalin period.
Before him Romania had a president, a state of the art Stalin's dog, whenever he had a problem, he run to Kremlin for solutions.
Lots of guys died in political prisons at that time.
I mean, if you look back into history, you would realize that it is not a right or wrong situation, is the adaptability.
Regime changes, new rules, you have to obey, or you leave. If you have not the opportunity to leave, than .. obey the damn rules. They were a few that went into mountains to “fight” from there waiting for the Americans to come to save them… They died or they were arrested and went to prison

So, 1965 Ceausescu came in power. He was pretty much like Hitler, propaganda leader within the Party.
Simple guy, country lad, poor, the communists took care of him, he learnt a trade (shoemaker), and he was paying back the Party quite good I’d say.
Patriot, veryn ationalist, pretty realistic for a guy with no culture.
He said once that the best Romania’s neighbor and friend was the Black Sea, :lol:
One year afterhe got power, 1966 or67 counter-revolution in Czechoslovakia.
Bresnev (Soviet leader at that time) prepared for war and he called all the iron curtain countries (Warsaw pact)
Ceausescu showed him the middle finger.
He said that is no war situation, Czechoslovakia was a stand alone country, not threatened by NATO, it was an internal affair, has to stay internally and Romania is opposing and NOT going!

Now that was something for the Romanians, and not only.
It was the first time after a long period when a kid, less than a year president, said NO to Russians. He and basically my parents got lucky, Bresnev was way milder than Stalin and quite knew in the position himself.
To fight 2 countries at the time, was too much for him probably.
So, all the Warsaw pact countries but Romania invaded Czechoslovakia and reestablish “the order” there. They had an example in the past with a similar situation in Hungary of 56.

At that time,in 66 or 67, because of this, Romanian people got into the streets to show the respect for the new president
For me that was a huge opportunity that Romania wasted.
Romania could’ve been like China today back then.
So, IMF came with nice deals, Western Europe, the same, US.. Everything looked good. The western block wanted to show, politically speaking what means to be independent and not a Soviet ally

Ceausescu started to invest in Romania. He had basic agriculture; he had some industry from the past capitalists, stolen, so his development streams were:
Increase the efficiency in agriculture
Build cars for people, buses, trucks, planes, increase research for getting the atomic bomb
So education got a new start
What was the Problem???
People were promoted based on the rank and adhesion to the Communist Party politics and not based on competencies.
So Ceausescu put in key positions people that were set to steal, that have advantages from the system. So, the contracts were bad for Romania
They spent a lot of borrowed money having stupid deals

In the 80’s Ceausescu realised that in this way he cannot pay the bills, human rights were lowered from bad to worse, Romania got more and more isolated as a country, allies from West got cold, Soviet... not good deals, IMF started to increase the interest.
He got mad and decided to pay ALL Romania’s debts.
Natural resources (oil, natural gas, iron, coal, wood)

All sold very cheap.
Starting 85 the quality of life dropped incredibly low.
People got mad, and … you know therest

In 89 Romania debts were completely paid, but the country looked like a ruin.
There a plenty of conspiracy stories to show how US and IMF killed Ceausescu because debts were paid..

That was life back then in a nut shell

But, I was young, laughed a lot, okay, they were different rules, no TV, so in a way was a healthier environment.
Everything was organic, the single substitute was in the salamis and that was soy, not to omuch meat, you could find meat with difficulty. On Sunday before going out with my bicycle I had to buy milk, so 5:30 AM I was in line. On Sunday morning, it was easy, 5-10 minutes tops
Because no TV (and no F/Book, :lol: ), people got along better, we played a lot of soccer in on the street, I played rugby for about 3 years while in the high school, after, some body building, you have to do something if no TV, right? :lol:

I don’t think today I could live that life for more than a year or two, or.. who knows, people have unlimited strength to adapt.

On the other hand you know only the bad part now, which is not too fair. Let's see the other side:

Everybody had to have a job.
Basically police could arrest you if you didn’t work
School was free, and not bad, a little different than here or western Europe, but quite agood theoretical base. So you can go from kindergarten to Ph, no cost for you. After you finish the school, the school responsibility was to offer you a job.They couldn’t say, “sorry”.
Medical, okay, not top, because of the system, but no cost for the population at all (well maybe some bribing), no freaking capitalist insurance…, everybody has to go to the doctor
Commies built apartment blocks and gave them to the population, on rent, roughly 15% of the income.
Again I don’t talk about the quality of the apartments. People were leveled, quality didn’tmatter essentially, and economy was centralized. They decided what you need. Practically no sales, you did not need sales.
Whatever you produced somebody else must use it, has no other choice. All companies were state companies
Vacation wise, not too bad, It started at around 24 days a year (by the way, Saturday wasn’t off, it was a regular working day) and you could have cheap tickets thru the Communist Party at work. If I recall now, team building was quite efficient there, still nobody knew about team building psychology, :lol:

I guess the lazy people as well as poor people could take advantage for something like that. In this envirnment, no choice

In 2006 I was in Cuba to remember the regime.
Well, I found Cuba worse that Communist Romania

Done you coffee? Not yet?
Well I can see my boss is filling my pink slip, :lol:
See you guys later


05-14-2015, 10:01 PM
Great history lesson Cezar!