View Full Version : Y'all are going to see come cool pics soon

05-24-2009, 06:24 AM
B Kinger and Twisted finally made it back to Northern Michigan. We're going to hit some back roads today and I don't know about them but I'll take some pics to post on here. Watch for a write up. I have a friend who has a motel in Mackinac City so we were able to hook him up with a motel room and we'll get started in the morning. It looks like we'll have a group of 6. My friends up here are always willing to get out and tear up the back roads. Gonna be a good day. Later

05-24-2009, 10:55 AM
Have fun man!

05-25-2009, 05:38 AM
Well, it happened again. We were having such a good ride that I didn't stop to take any pictures except for just one. I think Kinger might have gotten some good ones though. We ended up with a group of 6, not a bad start. We met in Mackinac City. Mackinac City wasn't as crowded as it usually is on Memorial Day weekend. Is that a sign that tourism will be down this year? Anyhow we left Mack and headed west towards Wilderness State Park. Wilderness is where that guy from your area was caught half frozen to death, you know the guy that killed his wife and spread her remains around Stoney Creek. I think is name was Grant. We rode to the south side of Wilderness and around Sturgeon Bay. It's a great view through here, you drive right through some small sand dunes. After the dunes we hit shoreline drive which takes you right to Cross Village, home of the Legs Inn. Legs Inn has good authentic polish food and the restaurant sits on Lake Michigan so you have a gorgeous view. By this time our group of 6 was now down to four. 2 guys from the group wanted to drive faster than the rest of us so they took off. That's ok because we had a prearranged meeting point. Only problem is when we got to the meeting point they weren't there. We waited a while then decided to roll on thorough the tunnel. It was a little brisk along the Lake Michigan shoreline but still a gorgeous day and the lake was bright blue and just screaming to have it's picture taken but again when you are having such a good ride who wants to stop. We rode through the tunnel at 45 mph, fast enough to enjoy the road but slow enough to enjoy the scenery. Next stop Harbor Springs. My cell phone had been ringing so I thought I had better check to see who needs to get ahold of me. It's wifey, one of our hot rod buddies had an accident. He went off the road in a 15 mph elbow curve. Broken collar bone and rib. After a quick bite to eat at the coffee shop we're off to our buddies house to see how he ended up looking. He's in good spirits and really bummed. New bike in sad shape, shoulder is sad shape and helmet pretty scuffed up. After shooting the chit for a while he's off to the hospital and we're off to hit some more roads. We stop at the house so the wife and kids can see that I'm ok and then we leave the little village of Alanson to hit some of my favorite back road sweepers. We take the backroads to a small village called Wolverine then we ride on to Indian River. We stop so the tourists can see the Worlds Largest crucifix. From there we're off on Old 27 to Cheboygan then back to Mackinac City. On our nice little ride we covered the tip of Michigan and I think our tourists from the city got to see some great backroads and a lot of lakes. Now I'm gonna post the pic of Kinger.
People say you have to watch out for catholic priests but Kinger says you have to watch out for the statues. He was sexually assaulted.