View Full Version : Issue installing front wheel on a 99 electra glide classic

07-23-2013, 10:43 PM
I removed the front wheel to get the ugly rubber bumper off my 99 EGC yesterday, took the bike out today and there was a nasty grinding sound. Got back home and started to pull stuff off and it was pretty obvious that the right side pad retainer was grinding against the brake disk pretty bad.

Fooled around a bit trying to see if I installed it wrong and from the looks of the service manual I put everything back in correctly, but the pad retainer was still contacting the rotor. I took the wheel off, and reinstalled it a few times trying to see if I possibly had it aligned wrong somehow, and as far as I can tell everything is the way it came off the bike originally, but the retainer is still contacting the rotor.

Finally I get it on where the wheel will spin freely, and only the pads contact the rotor, however the pad retainer is very close to the rotor (closer than on the left side, and there is a small gap between the wheel spacer and the fork. The left side caliper is installed pretty much the same and I am not having any issues with it, and there is a ton more room between the pad retainer and the rotor. If I

Any clue what I did wrong? Possibly a spacer installed backwards?

See the picture for a photo explanation


Gas Man
07-23-2013, 11:39 PM
First off... did you torque the axle with the fork pinch bolts loose? Hold the pinch bolt side of the axle with a screw driver through the axle hole.

Be sure that you have the wheel spacers on the proper side.

Then make sure the caliper is centered to the rotor. The caliper center seem to the center of the rotor.

Have you checked to ensure the pads are to serviceable spec?

You shouldn't have had to remove the wheel to pull the bumper. I've done a few and it isn't needed. Just a tight fit to get those fender bolts loose with their retaining tabs, but do-able. That being said, pulling the front wheel isn't hard.

07-23-2013, 11:53 PM
I've been wrenching on japanese bikes for well over a decade and in the three weeks I've owned this bike, this HD stuff is a big question mark for me. I still have a tach that jumps all over the place. I thought I had that fixed last week with dielectric grease, but it started up again today and threw an engine diagnostic code again.

Anyway, fixed it/figured it out. I used a 7/16 drill bit in the axle hole which worked perfectly and gave me the correct placement of the front axle (7/16 drill bit just got added to my tool kit).Once I got the axle set correctly I realized that the axle where it sits in the fork clamp has a slightly larger diameter than the rest of the axle. The spacer as shown in the picture above is tight against the lip. The problem that caused the pad retainer to contact the rotor was that the axle was not placed correctly, moving the whole wheel to the right side of the bike causing the retainer to contact the rotor. Once the axle was in correctly, the wheel sat in its correct place and the retainer no longer touches.

Thanks for the quick response.

Gas Man
07-25-2013, 12:08 AM
Awesome. Glad it's fixed!!