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04-20-2009, 09:46 AM
Monica and I sure did some riding, taking advantage of Fridays nice weather and my unexpected (but sadly, more frequent due to the crumbling auto industry) day off work. We geared up and hit the road around 11-1130am, hitting I-75 and heading up to Birch Run where we met a sleepless but gung ho and ready to roll Sarge. A couple bites of KFC and back onto I-75 we went, getting off at the Zillwakee Bridge onto 13, where we made our way thru that part of Bay City that smells like a huge garbage dump, mainly because that part IS.

North towards Standish, stopping to see my aunt, and then we take a nice twisty short cut into Omer, courtesy of Sarge. What great roads. Made our way towards Tawas, a great little village, where we met up with a few guys from our local riding club, the Freedom Cruisers, Michigan Chapter 20. A quick bite to eat and off we went again. Heading in no particular direction, we found ourselves in Oscoda, where we stopped at a picturesqe, picture-eske, pichereske, okay very pretty, lake, where we took some group photos and saw some monument that I never knew existed of some event that I didn't know happened. Monica claims it was about some great loggers but they couldn't have been THAT good cuz there were still lots of trees left there, even missing a giant pile that was stacked right by the monument. So back on the bikes again, we got to enjoy watching our group leader battle with his Garmin over what route to take to BFE, which is apparently where we were. Maybe he'll get a statue and we can take a photo in front of it. We even found a road made almost entirely of horse poop, or cow poop, I'm not sure, no one would stop and taste it. BFE does have some nice roads though, so find BFE on your maps.

Parting ways with Sarge, who rocketed back towards home once he recognized a familiar road, the rest of us headed aimlessly and probably accidently west through West Branch towards Houghton Lake. Another nice scenic route, we finally landed at a very nice lodge right on Houghton Lake, after what could best be described as a majorly hap hazzard motel-finding motorcycling debacle. It was nice to be Garmin and Riding Club free, as Monica and I ventured out again alone for a great fish dinner at Garret's Place. After finishing the evening and starting the next day with activities that were typically spectacular but none of your business HA HA, we headed back towards home via a nicely paved but somewhat boring route 55 back towards West Branch. I had a great route plotted out back towards Standish, but as it turns out my piece of Sh** maps don't differentiate between paved 2 lane roads and dirt, so a frustrated lead dog I was. Stopping again in Standish to visit Sarge and my aunt Barb, we then made our way down 23 to 13 again, but this time bypassing the garbage dump smelling part of Bay City, (much of it is quite nice though, with boat races and stuff on the river every year) hopping on I-75 for a spell, getting off at 46 east, to 15 south, and eventually making it home in two safe but sore pieces.

No sooner did I get out of my leathers and oil our chains before they cooled down, and in rolls my good buddy Marco that I've mentioned here before, a former and recovering M109R pilot, he's one of the speed demon maniacs that live close enough to the Covered Road up near Petoske that he rides it like 15 times a year. How I really hate him. So he rolls up my driveway in his new and disgustingly cool Concours1400 sport tourer, itching to experience a few WSL roads, so a quick phone call to Meinschaft and a frantic and immediate departure towards Northville was quickly our new agenda. Monica was sensible enough to stay out of this one, and looking back I must agree. Marco and I tend to ride rather, uh, briskly, when we're together, very much like Sarge and I do when normal, mortal humans aren't around to tell us what total idiots we're being. You'll never understand, humans. We have capes. After finally making our way into downtown Northville, which is a very very nice town, if not for every 4 wheeled vehicle in existence out as if summoned with orders to either kill us or keep us out of town, we met up with Meinschaft, who gave us a nicely guided but cliff notes tour of his local portion of the fabled WSL. We even got to see a few fire trucks. Making our way south and westward through some fine winding roads, we stopped at a friendly and cozy Tavern for some good conversation and a drink. Shortly after, it was time for Marco and I to make some tracks back home, as we were anxious to stop at every single light, take every detour, wrong turn, and hopeless route back behind the slowest vehicle home possible. Mission over accomplished. We'll all be back though, Monica included, anxious to have our most gracious and classy host guide us through the rest of that great biking area. I hope many more join us.

It was so good to be home again, as Marco and I parted ways in Warren that night, with him staying the night at his fathers before blasting off for Alanson the next morning. He checked in Sunday afternoon, making it safely home after hitting some rain south of Gaylord, the town where Monica and I both got our bikes in. His bike is a rocket.

Sunday afternoon this sore couple decided to do some more riding, meandering out north and west towards Richmond and Memphis, frequently stopping to scream at my maps again, which is why I wear earplugs, and eventually finding Belle River road, a nice reward for the hell these stupid maps put us through. Even my bike was running like crap, must have picked some up from Friday's Road O' Poop. Threading our way back west on that and a few other nice roads brought us west all the way into Romeo, home of the Peachfest ( I was RIGHT hunny!) where we took Van Dyke almost the rest of the way home. We made it to within 5 miles of home before a drop of rain fell. My driveway wasn't even wet yet when I rolled in. BBQd steaks and mashed potatoes, with a DQ chaser and some more unmentionables and it was a perfect end to a fantastic weekend. It could rain for a week now, for all I care. Well, a couple days maybe.

04-20-2009, 10:39 AM
It was a good 761 mile weekend for me. I rode back up north from Clinton Township sunday. I left at 7 a.m. and made it home around 1p.m. I had to stop in Gaylord because I couldn't see. My helmet had fogged up on the inside and it was raining on the outside. I lifted my visor and there was rain frozen on my windshield. It was 40 degrees. Thank God for rainproof clothes, my Fieldsheer pants, Tourmaster boots and Castle jacket proved their worth to me. Had a cup of coffee at the bike shop and headed home. Great ride, great weekend and no complaints. I don't mind riding in the rain it just makes me do the speed limit. Mike thanks for the tour of the loop and thanks to Meinschaft also. Ride safe but not so safe that you forget to have fun!

04-20-2009, 11:09 AM
Marco!!!! Hey buddy!!!!

04-20-2009, 11:44 AM
It was my good fortune to meet-up last Saturday with the B-Kinger and his good bud, Marco. As B-Kinger already said, it was a fabulous day and I was able to give them a taste of the WSL and we got to stop at my favorite 'joint', the Inverness Tavern, on N. Territorial.

What could be better? If more 2WheelMichigan members had been able to join us. Dr. Detroit (and his niece), GasMan, Betty Boop, FZ1Bill, you should have been there.

Next time.

04-20-2009, 01:30 PM
Sounds like you guys had fun!

Wish I could have made it. Oh well... next time. Friday and Saturday are supposed to be awesome days... and Sunday, maybe I'll get a short track day in...

Supermoto track days are only $40... woot!

04-20-2009, 07:03 PM
I'll be glad to let ya know when I'll be down that way again.Next time I'll bring some people with me. Mike, maybe you can bring a few people up this way and we can hit the tunnel of trees and many other of my favorite rides. Twisties and sweepers are a waiting. I have a big enough yard to hold down a couple of tents when the weather permits. Remember the tatt I told you that my buddy was making a decal out of, it's my avatar. Can't wait to get that decal, my windshield needs it. See ya.

04-20-2009, 08:53 PM
Yea, almost every single road you took us on up there was fantastic.