View Full Version : FOR SALE 1996 flhtci for sale

05-17-2013, 08:42 PM
1996 FLHTCI ElectraGlide Classic : 38,000 total miles, only 5,000 miles on rebuild.
NEW; tires, wheel bearings, progressive shocks & frontsprings, neck bearings, clutch, primary tensioner,
Belt & (2) sprockets, fuel filter, cam, velva touchlifter & push rods, battery, oil temp gauge, grips, paint,
and more. Ride it anywhere
http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm225/owl1289/2011-06-11_10-35-59_158.jpg (http://s297.photobucket.com/user/owl1289/media/2011-06-11_10-35-59_158.jpg.html)

$9,999.00 clean title PM a phone number & I will call
Thanks for Looking

Gas Man
05-17-2013, 10:55 PM
Nice lookin bike.

I fixed your pic as well.

05-17-2013, 11:00 PM
whats up about those pinstripes? looks like a kid with a red magic marker went to town.:wtf:

05-17-2013, 11:02 PM
ok just clicked on the img and zoomed in the blurry of the pic made it look way bad. but with some up close not so bad.