View Full Version : This is freakin perfect.

05-16-2013, 05:30 PM
There is a gun control angle here, watch the whole thing. Its dead freakin on, and a masterstroke of skewerage by Jon Stewart.


I'm sure many of you have already seen it but I thought this was brilliant.

Gas Man
05-16-2013, 11:54 PM
Gotta love Jon Stewart

05-17-2013, 12:22 PM
Funny chit right there!

05-19-2013, 10:05 AM
Here's Peirs Morgan, the left winger who said if the proposed gun control legislation was passed he'd return to England. (he didn't and a Tennessee senator called him out on it), and Joe Scarborough from MSNBC, one of the most liberal media outlets in the world, more left than FOX is right. A couple of videos that say the same thing as Stewart. Both are pretty short.

What's funny is the media tried to downplay the whole IRS thing until the AP phone record seizure came out. Once the media learned they'd been bitch slapped by Owe-bama, they started geting pissed.


Here's the video with Morgan and the Tennessee senator.