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04-05-2013, 07:31 PM
These are old Benjamin brand shop/factory/garage lights. 20" diameter, porcelain finish is in great shape. I tested all of these and they work. I also have some very old approximately 500watt bulbs if someone was interested, they are big and cool looking but I can't guarentee how long they might last. $250each obo plus shipping. I could deliver these if someone wasn't too far away and wanted more than one.

These lights are at least 50 years old. I PAINTED THEM TO LOOK THAT OLD. If you were thinking these were some original "Harley Davidson" made lights sorry about that. I'm pretty sure Harley wasn't making an light fixtures 50 years ago.The inside is the orginal porcelain finish and all the parts are orginal other than some new bolts I put them together with. (I added this because some on the Harley forum were claiming they weren't "real" Harley light fixtures, like there is such a thing, LOL)

Also these are 120v. No special wiring required.









Gas Man
04-06-2013, 09:46 AM
Those are too cool.

04-08-2013, 02:42 PM
Nice Job

04-09-2013, 12:16 PM
can you use a standard bulb (E26 medium base)? Might know someone who is interested.

04-09-2013, 01:02 PM
can you use a standard bulb (E26 medium base)? Might know someone who is interested.

You would need to buy some adapters. E39 to E26. They are fairly cheap. here's a link to some


Gas Man
04-09-2013, 01:51 PM
Did you paint that on the light fixtures.

04-09-2013, 02:02 PM
You would need to buy some adapters. E39 to E26. They are fairly cheap. here's a link to some


Thanks - seems straight forward. Will send on to him and let him know. He would probably want to fit them all up with LED bulbs with standard E26 bases.

04-09-2013, 02:11 PM
Yes I painted the outside. Sale is pending but I've got more fixtures I could do.

04-09-2013, 04:25 PM
I just sold all 4 of these but if someone was interested in more I've got a few more fixtures I could paint.

04-14-2013, 09:23 PM
Working on 4 more of these now. Sale is pending on 2 already. If you're interested in the other 2 let me know.

04-16-2013, 12:36 PM
I've got 4 more lights done. Post of PM if you're interested

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7324_zps85b15fc5.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7324_zps85b15fc5.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7322_zps44fa11c2.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7322_zps44fa11c2.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7318_zps335965a5.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7318_zps335965a5.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7317_zps1a3af18b.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7317_zps1a3af18b.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7319_zpsd627c38c.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7319_zpsd627c38c.jpg.html)

04-18-2013, 03:22 PM
2 sold. 2 still available.

05-17-2013, 01:22 PM
The last 2 of these are now on Ebay. Here's a link


06-16-2013, 04:08 PM
I got 3 more of these painted. Different from the first 12.

These are the same 20" diameter Benjamin industrial lights, probably 60+ years old. The inside finish is the orginal white porcelain, top caps have been painted black, re-wired, 120v, bulbs not included. The outside I custom painted just like a tank would be painted, prepped, primed, basecoat, flake, candies, and at least 8 coats of clear. I will ship at cost. Post or pm me with questions of comments. Thanks.

I have 2 that are black base, big orange/silver flake, pearl white stripes and bar/shields, $200 each

I have 1 that is black base, big silver flake, orange/red/blue candy over the fishscale/starburst/Harley, $300

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7402_zps4467246a.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7402_zps4467246a.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7403_zps8e5cb576.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7403_zps8e5cb576.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7404_zps5394d38c.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7404_zps5394d38c.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7384_zpse67edddd.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7384_zpse67edddd.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7377_zps6e4cf38a.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7377_zps6e4cf38a.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7397PS_zps8f3e3bfd.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7397PS_zps8f3e3bfd.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7394_zps3363ed31.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7394_zps3363ed31.jpg.html)

http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o316/JAGATES14/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7400s_zps7ebb689b.jpg (http://s123.photobucket.com/user/JAGATES14/media/Jeans%20stuff/IMG_7400s_zps7ebb689b.jpg.html)

06-19-2013, 11:33 AM
Those look awesome!!