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08-19-2012, 08:36 PM
Recent Customer Testimonies
While Brukus® Motorcycle Parts continues to answer their customers’ calls to design
and develop securing and comfort products for Harley-Davidsons, Victory Cross Bikes,
and Metric Motorcycles – it is the customers’ testimonies that give them the most
Knowing that a product Brukus made has deterred a thief, stabilized an accessory, kept
a pair of hands protected or a bike upright on hot asphalt is what gives them the desire
to keep developing securing, stabilizing and comfort products for their fellow riders.
Here are just a sampling of the most recent testimonies:
~ Received a phone call from a customer in Pennsylvania. He believed someone had
tried to steal his TourPack! Fortunately, they were unsuccessful and only succeeded in
messing up the security screw on the Brukus TourPack BULLET Secure. We replaced
that free of charge and were happy to know our BULLET secured his valuable Tour
~ "Just wanted to say your Fender Security Screw is a great product. While attending
the county fair out here in CA someone tried to tamper with my seat on my Streetglide.
If it wasn't for your product I'm sure they would have been able to get it and I would not
have been very happy riding home without a seat. It was a pleasure speaking with you
today and thanks again for the great customer service." Darin
~ "At a motorcycle rally I attended last weekend, ad driver of a Toyota Prius, pulled
awkwardly into a parking spot, and swiped the rear of my Victory Cross Roads. The
car's nose scraped my pipes and the lower edge of my left side hard bag; the whole
bike was pushed forward about 2 inches but somehow stayed upright.
I am convinced that the reason my saddlebags are totally intact is because
of SaddlebagSecure for Victory Cross Bikes. With the flimsy OEM mounts, my left
bag would have popped off and probably cracked from the impact of hitting the ground.
Thanks for a great product." Christine L.
~ "I am a REPEAT customer. Previously purchased the SaddlebagSecure for
Harleys. GREAT product. Now I ordered your KickShoe for my HD Ultra Classic.
Received them the other day and it was VERY simple to install. I am very PLEASED
with this purchase. Thanks for making these GREAT products to make my ride SAFE &SECURE!" Charlie A
~ "Brukus folks......Received my SaddlebagSecure kit 7-30-'12, which is exactly the
day I expected it to arrive. My bike is a 1989 Harley-Davidson FLHS which is basically a
Road King before the Motor Co. started naming them as such. I installed the kit the day
I got it and had my first ride today. I can't tell you what a gas it is that my bags aren't
moving around and making all sorts of rude noises anymore. Many thanks to the person
that dreamed this one up. It's made my riding time a whole hell of a lot more enjoyable.
You make a great product. Ride on..." Tom G
~ "I received my WingShields a couple of weeks ago, and now that I have had them in
test I can really say that they are great! My fingers get cold very easily, so these were
very welcome. And the best thing is the looks. Something like Polisport is not my style!
Actually most people that I have asked don't even notice that there is something new on
my bike, so discrete these are." Juhani H., FInland
~ "The KickShoe saved the day once again! Paul rides to work most everyday. They
have just paved the employee parking lot. Something went wrong in the mix of the
asphalt... couple that with the Charleston July heat and you have SINKING Bikes
everywhere! The employer provided ground plates for the bike riders to use, but Paul
didn't need one! His was the only bike that was still in it's original position! Thanks
Brukus... Yepper, we're secured!" Gina
Brukus is proud to have such an excellent customer service and satisfaction reputation.
For more information on these and other Brukus Motorcycle Parts products, please call
Kay Fekete at 843–822–6582 or email Kay at kay@brukus.com. Brukus Motorcycle
Parts welcomes new dealers and is currently offering special incentives.

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