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06-01-2012, 09:06 PM
Over the Memorial Day weekend I took a little ride around Lake Erie with a group from the XLForum, a Sportster group.

This is me....

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/skienlow/2012 lake erie ride/DSCN0091.jpg

The crew going around the south side. Guy from Wisconsin, two from Ohio, one from Ontario, a lunch guest and myself (not in order).
http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/skienlow/2012 lake erie ride/DSCN0104.jpg

The crew we met in Ft Erie Ontario

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/skienlow/2012 lake erie ride/DSCN0106.jpg

Going across Ontario

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/skienlow/2012 lake erie ride/DSCN0119.jpg

Stop at Timmies in Port Dover


At the party in London


Breakfast Sunday morning


Our Canadian hosts

http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/skienlow/2012 lake erie ride/DSCN0110.jpg
http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/skienlow/2012 lake erie ride/DSCN0125.jpg

This was my third year making the trip. It has been going on for eight years. The Canadian group is much bigger than the US group and are amazing hosts. Only one Canadian has made the loop though. Ed has made the last two.

06-01-2012, 09:58 PM
Great post Greg, sorry I missed it this year, looking forward to next year!

Gas Man
06-01-2012, 09:59 PM
Awesome man. How was that ride overall? The plot or roads you took?

06-01-2012, 10:55 PM

Gas Man
06-02-2012, 12:12 AM
Pretty straight forward... and I like the no highway aspect...

06-02-2012, 09:54 AM
The ride across Ontario was not exactly like the map. We made a lot of turns. I was just following along. I suspect we dodged some towns that would have been along the most direct route. Only slab we took was 75 to Toledo. If we had more time in the morning I would have taken Telegraph.

Gas Man
06-02-2012, 12:42 PM
Yeah there is always the amount of time fight...

06-05-2012, 07:39 AM
looks like a damn good ride sprink

06-05-2012, 09:30 AM
Wow! Nice ride! I'd of thought it was further than that though... (NOT that it wasn't FAR enough, just thought that loop would be more miles), good to know.! If I'd ever decide to go back to Canada...

06-05-2012, 05:29 PM
sounds like a great ride, eh